Month: April 2012


So that this activity reach its objective end, becomes necessary that the interaction occurs efficiently, through the development of the refined ability of communication, for the exercise of listening and the dialgica action. Thus being, the consultation of nursing to the aged one is a full development of this ability that for its characteristics needs a bigger listening and attention. 17 In the consultation of nursing, the nurse it starts to know the customer and its family, through the description and of the complete physical examination, favoring I tie to it affective and bringing benefits for the promotion of the health. The nurse (a) has a great paper in the treatment of the patient a good consultation of nursing assists the whitewashing process that aims at the auto care. Category 2: Orientaes for Lectures ' ' (…) of dynamic form, that involves the participants of grupo.' ' Dep.4 ' ' (…) In the group of third age of the quarter with lectures and reunies' '.

Dep.5 ' ' We use the methodology of will problematizaro to take them to reflect it on the subject ' ' Dep. 23 the accomplishment of activities given for prepared people and constant debates, in communitarian spaces and medias, much contribute for the modification of the social reality. 19 the execution of lectures directly in the community has shown to be a satisfactory action, a time that makes possible the direct arrival of the knowledge to the people as well as minimizes the cost of displacement of the people, which are characterized by the lack of access to the cultural goods (information, education) as well as corporeal property (,20 financial resources) the nurse (a) who carries through educative actions has as objective the prevention of aggravating for the health, becoming the customer qualified for the auto care and the search of orientaes whenever necessary. Category 3: Visual resource ' ' Through posters and lectures ' ' Dep.26 ' ' Through illustrative materials ' ' Dep.1 ' ' If of the one through verbal orientation and folders Dep.16 visual Resources (RV) they are important abutments in a presentation, as much for the hearing how much for the presenter.