Month: August 2012

Couto Moreira

WHITE PUBLIC Pupils of basic education I and II of the Municipal school Dr. Aparcio of Couto Moreira, the parents and society. GENERAL OBJECTIVE To contribute with the pupils being induced to reflect them it on the diversity of existing values, its rights and duties as well as its importance for formation of the character and the exercise of the full citizenship. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES To study the values from activities proposals for the o professor. To fortify the bonds of integration in the educational scope to develop a culture of cooperation between professors and pupils to compensate its rights and duties.

To rescue the valuation of the human being and the importance of the values as trends of the good that must be taught and be partilhados. To develop injunctions how much to the violence, maltreatment and abuse of authority against the minors. To reflect on behaviors and good ways. To deal with respect all the segments the pertaining to school environment, family and of the society. To recognize the proper value, to obey the pertaining to school segments and the family. To acquire knowledge on the values and demonstrates them from action. AFFECTIVE OBJECTIVES THE PUPIL WILL HAVE: To develop a sensitivity for the necessities, feelings, beliefs and interests of the others. To work cooperatively with the others for the improvement of its proper character and to help to improve the health, security, moral, auto dignity and autoestima of the others.

To appreciate the actions of the people and to have conscience of that we can be better from beneficial actions the society. One becomes motivated to make the positive difference in the life of the others from an amiable word. To internationalize inside of its values, action and perspectives the essence of good character including respect responsibility, care, affection, affection, compassion, citizenship, loyalty, honesty, hope, cooperation, independent thought, justice, patience, tolerance, endeavours, good ways, integrity, generosity, pardon, capacity of reply, appropriate curiosity, creativity and joy.