Month: May 2013

Santa Maria

It has 367. 628 inhabitants (2009), and is the center of a metropolitan area of approximately a million and half of inhabitants. Capital of Italy between 1865 and 1871 during Italian unification, in the Middle Ages was an important cultural, economic and financial center. He met his period of greatest splendor after the establishment of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany under the rule of the Medici dynasty. Florence is the urban core in which the artistic movement called Renaissance originated in the second half of the 14th century, and is considered one of the cradles of world art and architecture.

Its historical centre was declared world heritage in 1982, and include medieval and Renaissance works such as the dome of Santa Maria de el Fiore, the Ponte Vecchio, the Basilica of Santa Croce, Palazzo Vecchio and museums such as the Uffizi, the Bargell or the Gallery of the Academy, which welcomes the David de Miguel angel Se knows, that on November 4, 1966, as a consequence of heavy rains, the city He suffered the strongest flood in its history when the Arno reached 4. 500 m/s, submerging the historic. At some points such as the Piazza di Santa Croce water exceeded 5 m of height. Damage to the historic heritage (Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, Signoria) were substantial. There was no warning from the authorities who knew that the flood would be produced, except for a call to the Jewelers del Ponte you Vecchio. Throughout the city there are small plates on the walls indicate the maximum level that reached the water. It is very true when you point, Florence is a city known worldwide for its artistic and architectural heritage.

The Other

They should strengthen the operational capacity of the company defining the functions to perform, to determine those that are should taken as secondary in the company, as well as define the main ones in every department, in such a way unit, which ensures an integrated systemic operability and avoid bureaucracy, time loss, costs, inefficiency. The main activities of any company should take into account with equal levels of importance, no is above the other. After be delimited in time and space processes, you have to do each one efficient and flexible, this is an ambitious task, that only is accomplished with computers integrated, committed, supervisors and workers willing and committed to each one of the departments that correspond and comply with processes clearly defined is important, therefore, to form a multidisciplinary group charge of improving in the short term the design of the areas that make up an organization, first, group will define what are the deficiencies that have the process, then you seek to solve the problems and thus at the end will propose how to organise more efficiently. This ideal proposal is the description of the General steps of the process, as well as the roles to be played by each Member of the Organization for the positive development of the activities. Businesses must change their vertical structures for horizontality in making operational decisions, making them at the lowest possible level, provided there is a strategic plan clear. Management must act with a style of participatory leadership, who also knows how to delegate, giving responsibility to the people who are the key to success, motivate staff to closely integrate with the performance of their duties in order to obtain the planned results and to ensure competitiveness. Should not be neglected the motivation and involvement of the staff which is reflected in the productivity, in results that favor the company in its growth. Determine its competitive advantages give way to strategic plans that will ensure competitiveness, taking into account the characteristics of the current scenarios and the actors involved.

Effective Leadership

As the famous saying puts it, a leader is made, not born. A great leader is not necessarily a person who occupies an important public position. All of us are leaders in greater or lesser degree, since we have a certain circle of influence. A mother meets certain leadership role when managing a home. A father plays an important role of leader, since it should be the head of the household. In the same way each person in your place of work or study, exerts some influence on the people who surround her. The question is are leading well or not? The education of leaders is not part of the traditional curriculum of the school.

Good leadership is usually learned at home, if he is lucky enough to grow up with a good model. And those are not so easy to find nowadays! How can we as parents prepare our children to become good leaders? First that nothing, define what is a good leader. Unlike what many people think, a good leader is not the image of a charismatic and self-confident if same person that the media projected. The true characteristics of a leader are seen behind the cameras. As it says in the Bible, a good leader is a good servant. You must have an attitude of service rather than auto exaltation. You must you have strength of character, be aware of their responsibility for the lives of others and be willing to take it. You must possess the ability to make decisions, commitment to their cause and the courage to maintain its stance in the face of adversity.

To foster these virtues in our children 3 key ingredients are required: 1. an education that respects the individuality of the child. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We have to give our children the time and opportunity to discover their strengths to develop them to achieve their full potential. 2. An education that fosters the love of learning. A good leader is an independent student throughout his life. It is necessary that we teach them to our children to grow every day in the formation of their knowledge, strength of character and ability analyze situations, solve problems and make decisions. 3. An education taught by good mentors. Behind every great woman or every great man there is always at least one good mentor who inspired him to challenge their limitations and to strive to reach their goals.