Month: October 2013

American Institutions

Attentive, sadly recurrent interruptions of the democratic institutions in our countries the institutions of good public, were wedge, school and refuge of the political leadership. The memories of these institutions, credited they have been holding. It is about this vital creep where the contents of the Latin American indigenous and popular thought come encuadranadose in the continents of institutions of good public, municipalities and elementary schools, where we can glimpse how contributions to make individuals who encourage, be themselves, since their respective symbolic horizons. Here is where there are possibilities that we understand may attend you the information technologies. For starters, we believe that the concept of the information technologies, on how much tools comunicacionales, reconceptualizes, already known in American life creep techniques. We bring to the attention to broadcasting (already decanted shortwave, both in community radios in frequency modulation), already the popular and school libraries. In the Argentine case, arriving personal computers (prelude to the modem and the INTERNET), they had arrived the coax cable television, national direct telephone dialing, and television channels cable. In the days that run pre-existing vital creep and information technologies, are interfacing.

There’s no time for the homogeneous treatment. Perhaps not needed. Education returns to show its possibilities for cultural elevation of people, particularly in the impoverished and carecientes sectors. Technologies such as photocopying and scanning, enable recycling, experiences prejudice often covered by the dust of archives and libraries. The possibilities of change, are in our opinion very large, but the resistance of vested interests, will be noticeable.

No privileged minority, even at the expense of others, leave without protest their Pew. In a permanent commitment to our impoverished in terms material, we believe that utopias inherent to fair play, free cooperation, mutual aid, and the always ready, may further encourage the vital flow of Latin American indigenous and popular thought, that encourages the existence of American majorities. Information technologies, employed with creativity and goodwill, may be effective catalysts.


The approach I am against everything the world penetrates also in the education of our children. We want to protect them against the threats of the world and its context, and searching tools suitable for this purpose. Attitude and actions emanating from her protect the child in the long term, or perhaps should look at things from a different angle? In the last ten years, after-school activities have become increasingly popular. Parents want to offer their children to complement their education (educational framework). Among the classes of ballet, sculpture, guitar, football, classes also have become popular judo and martial arts among others. Not a few facts show that the child is strengthened through these activities, and not a few parents, although they do not recognize it, seen in these activities the possibility to provide their children means to defend themselves. The child’s ability to protect against the phenomenon of bullying and violence that it has become an inseparable part of the school environment, increases the feeling of Security. In fact, these phenomena are only mutually, and skills they teach to our children today are aimed in this direction.

Also in compulsory education, teach the child how to deal with so-and-so. Although tomorrow appears mengano, newer, more frightening, more demanding than the first and this lead us to feel the anguish of that we can not truly protect our children. The origin of the insecurity, is actually in the form of structured thinking that determines it, since the problem exists in the environment and then we must protect ourselves. The violent and threatening environment obliges us to defend ourselves and be alert. The conception I against everyone is transmitted by us to our children consciously or unconsciously. We therefore propose a different point of view: I next to and with the world. The environment and the forces that surround the world will defend man when it is in balance with them.