Month: November 2013

Special Schools

In this to think the condition of the deaf person is atrelada to the pathology, to ineptitude for the learning, to the intelligence lack. The opposite to this perspective, Santana (2007, p.15) says that ' ' the auditory deficit does not compromise the cognition, since that the person with deafness has an active and participativa social life, in this condition its functions (reverse speed) is organized inside of a context partner-description, where he is inserido' '. It is understood, with this, that is of utmost importance the understanding of that a school that takes care of deaf pupils and/or with other especificidades necessary to commit itself to the variety compose who it, having as paradigm a pedagogical performance that defends the heterogeneidade and an education of good quality, has seen that this is one ' ' right of todos' ' without distinction. In such a way, what one intends to emphasize in the quarrel is the importance to offer the deaf people, Special Schools or specialized attendance, in the first years of the escolarizao, for the fact of if understanding that these are, par excellence, spaces of interaction of the deaf people with its pairs, and thus, certainly will have a bigger incentive to the culture, the language, the construction of the deaf identities. The Special School, in this reasoning, is that it will make the true inclusion in the partner-educational scope, therefore in its interior the quarrels more will be come back toward the specific field of the deafness. Agreement believes with Lacerda (2000) that the involved actors in this educational space are more apt to understand the deafness as a linguistic difference that will have to be respected, something that in fact little occurs in the said schools inclusive. From these estimated the problem is distinguished that if constitutes in guide for the reach of the objectives of this study: Because the Special School for the attendance to the deaf pupil is considered more adequate? In the direction of this investigation they will be proportionate excellent quarrels on the subject, which will go to guide the analysis to more arrive the possible conclusions concerning the indicated educational attendance for education of pupils with deafness.

The School

Luele, garotinha rebellious Luele as the other children, was taken to the school for its mother in the first day of lessons. The patio was full of mothers and children who made of that place an environment with much racket. All waited to know for where they would be led, salinha that it would be prepared for each one of them. Some children played, cried out others cried, therefore it was a new environment and them they did not want of form some to be there. Luelle was one of these children who cried without stopping, such age the panic of being left there by its mother, alone in the way of those unknown children. finally arrives the moment where it is taken off of the arms of its mother and debtor to follow with whom she would be its teacher, Bad aunt. To far the shouts of Luelle could hear, but its mother was even so and now it would be on account of the teacher who would take care of of it.

The days if had passed and after insistence of the mother, Luelle at last gets used with the idea to pass some hours in a classroom. What Bad aunt could not imagine is that Luelle would bring to it as many problems. The other children did not like it, therefore it did not loan its material, fought with all and liked to place nicknames in coleguinhas of classroom. Whenever it allowed somebody it to participate of some trick, some child has left crying, and Luelle was always the reason of the problems. One day, however Luelle was to the attraction of the day and reason of laugh for all the children of the room. It so arrived with the cut hair curtinho that menininho seemed one.

All had laughed when seeing its new appearance. Its mother counted for the teacher who had that to cut the hair of the son, because it did not like to comb the hair. In that day Luelle if she felt very badly, she cried and she can perceive as he was complicated to be reason of laughs, chacotas and never more decided to imply with its amiguinhos of the room. Of that day in ahead, Luelle started to be a good girl, learned to respect its coleguinhas and to be friend of all. Ah it started to comb the hair!