Month: March 2014

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Founder story: Karola Haake (61), independent wig consultant (Hanover) Hanover. Who speaks with Karola Haake, much can be learned. Not only about wigs and their care, but also, why you’re not too old with 60 for a business start-up. She even dared this step 2012: as an independent wig consultant for people who need a Zweitfrisur and often need more than just new hair. Founder 50plus accompanied her on this path that offers encouraging prospects. In the beginning was an end: termination Karola Haake was unemployed at the age of 58, this seemed to be the end of their working life.

Until then was a wig supplier with outlets in a department store group the skilled stylist about ten years with their last employer. Then came the group into a financial imbalance, closed many stores and Karola Haake was terminated. It was followed by what many people over 50 in this situation experience: only cancellations on applications, after two years of unemployment the Crash in ALG II (“Hartz IV”) and finally the feeling to be no longer needed. This did not accept Karola Haake. I’ve seen many low blows and woke up again”, she describes their attitude that had helped her to make a decision: to make independently with their many years of experience and knowledge as an independent consultant of the wig.

“Starts a new way: with founder 50plus in establishing as a hint, hint” Karola Haake feels even today the newspaper advertisement, through which she became aware of GRnder 50plus. In the initial interview with Ralf Sange, initiator and Managing Director, became her business idea well found. Above all, however, Karola Haake man convinced him: with their energy and passion for their subject has Mrs. Haake now fascinated pulled me. She can sure inspire people who had never been to do with wigs, and you convey how important an optimal advice and sensitive Accompaniment are.” For the expert of establishment of Sange there is just this inner energy”, which is crucial for the success of a business idea.

The Predefined

Therefore, triveo in its business relations Center employs all permanent staff with many years experience in sales and service in the field of B2B customer production, customer loyalty and customer recovery. With over 50 employees, triveo belongs thus to the leading full-service providers for holistic prospect and customer management in German-speaking countries. If necessary, triveo can be but also internationally and abroad support companies in the B2B marketing of their products and services. Also offers triveo in addition to address qualification, lead generation, and scheduling for external services, trade fair pre and post-processing, takes complaints and complaints opposed and conducting satisfaction surveys. Success equals strategy mostly full, if companies want to win new customers, optimize sales and marketing or adapt their system to adult needs and align for the future want: the right strategy for success at triveo always means that the predefined objectives initially scrutinized are taken and analyzed. An individual and adapted perfectly to the needs of a company measures is developed from the gained insights.

This enables entrepreneurs and employees on all sales to find marketing and service questions, meaningful responses, to save costs through automation, greater process efficiency and effective direct marketing, as well as to increase customer satisfaction and sales. Who would like to learn the workings of triveo, is invited to visit the website on. And, Tel. 0621 / 76133-800 you can equal a personal appointment arrange the experts of triveo in Mannheim. triveo Telemarketing is a trademark and a service offering of comselect Gesellschaft fur relationship management mbH. The comselect GmbH is one of the leading full-service provider for holistic prospect and customer management. Comselect supports companies in the B2B marketing of explanation-needy products and services in all sales and marketing functions. As a certified partner advises and supports companies in the implementation and adaptation of on the specific needs of a company comselect. Contact: triveo telemarketing Theodor-Heuss-12 system 68165 Mannheim phone: 0621-76133-800

Better Managers

Hakeem autumn program 2011: What a company in the gardens of the management has with a vegetable garden together? At first glance little. But proving the second: only with care, maintenance and sustainability of soil remains also years fruitful, the company over the years healthy and profitable. “Author Matthias Nollke shows in the gardens of the management”, what Manager by gardeners can learn and how important is sustainable growth. An original and intelligent management concept, which will transfer the wisdom of nature to the business. As soon as Hakeem.

Who ever tried to move an Apple tree with intimidation to the faster growth will be failed miserably. As well as the Manager, the performance pressure, anxiety and sanctions will bring forth. For: Healthy growth takes time. And: the individual plants need room for individual development, they need attention and mindfulness. A good gardener while pretending the framework intervenes, when necessary, and excels in all by calmness, tenacity and to agility of. Green management Biomimetics: plant learn from so what needs it, overlooking the vegetable garden, so that a company sustainably grow and flourish? First, a moderate approach to human resources.

Second, long-term perspectives. And thirdly: a balanced age structure. To illustrate of his thesis Matthias Nollke takes the reader on trips to the garden, the forest garden, the botanical garden or the guerilla garden. Has to do it shows with what types of garden GNOME”it in day-to-day business. For example, with the meticulous order dwarf, the dwarf of the machine or the watering can dwarf. And he explains why character plants, though are sometimes care intense and worthy of protection. “Entertaining, intelligent and without raised index finger: in the gardens of management” are actionable suggestions for each company. From mid-September to 19.80 euros at Haufe and in bookstores. -Carla Jung)

Makeup Trends

With the change of season, all professional makeup artists prepare makeup trends for the new season. Fashion is constantly changing and makeup is an important part within the fashion world, so it is necessary to be constantly up-to-date. It is essential to have a good education, but it must follow updated knowledge, with courses and seminars to continue improving. Constantly emerging new techniques, new products and makeup trends change with each new season. New collections present a woman strong and feminine so it trends bring us a sophisticated and glamorous makeup. To have a perfect and flawless makeup is necessary to know well the trends that mark fashion: skin luminous one of the most important parts of the makeup is skin. The trend marks much luminosity by what they left behind Matt furs and lifeless.

To get this juicy and flattering touch that will transform the make-up, we need to prepare the skin very well. Must be clean, tone and moisturize before you begin to makeup and apply a pre-basic to set makeup. The next step is to correct the shortcomings with the help of a copyeditor. So disimularan dark circles and Granites. Then applies the base with a synthetic brush to unify skin. To set makeup, use translucent powder and a thick brush. Looks smoked eyes cobra prominence this season and becomes the Queen of makeup.

Smoky eyes are the absolute Kings of the party. Dark colors come stomping; Brown, blue, green, grey and of course the black will be the protagonists of the eye makeup. To achieve a perfect smoky eye, should get the area of the tabs is very intense and color will be fading toward the eye basin. To give a touch of glamour and a total look should delineate the eye inside and out and apply rich lash mascara. The eyebrows should never be forgotten, they must be perfectly dehaired and makeup since they are the framework of the gaze and can totally transform the make-up. Lips to everything color this season, make-up trends mark the lips in intense and flattering colors. The range of Pinks, passing by the strawberries are a perfect option and the reds are always trend. To get a perfect and juicy mouth you need to moisturize very well with a restorative balm lip. Then should sharpen its contour with a tone of pen similar to the rod’s lips. A synthetic hair brush is used to apply lipstick and the result will be perfect. Cheeks toasted the trends of the season presented us in soft tones and toasted cheeks to not overburden the makeup. To achieve this you can opt for a Rouge in an earth tone, mark the cheek gently, blurring the product with the help of a beveled brush well. About author: Does looking for the best schools of makeup? eMakeupFormacion provides information about the school of professional makeup. Please visit our site for related articles. Treatments to reduce dark circles and bags Facial care, recipes and natural products Beauty treatments Treatments beauty Sonic Colors comes stomping degree accelerated course in shortly after graduating from College in 4 years! Brown and white pieces of furniture designed by Richard Park are anti-establishment? Of course ATTAC Spain