Month: July 2014

European Football Championship

And then his hands somehow dragged themselves to the keyboard. During the breaks I wandered around the house and not, God forgive me, master, looked in closets and other storage, it is interesting all the same than people live. On two floors, and all twelve rooms were hung with paintings and scripts and almost all in the style of Shishkin – they say he is very much appreciated – but what was my surprise when I saw the sign artist – it was Shishkin, but not the The only thing I found in the house – it's books, magazines have been glamorous, but the books And then in the billiard room, I found a collection of DVD-ROM drive with the tv series – the eternal glory of our wonderful pirates, because among the more than thirty boxes wormed one license, I think it was episode "The scouts>>. In the evening, when there were no matches of European Football Championship, I was lying on the couch and watching these serials, fill, so to speak, the gaps in a televised education about other events in my personal life I keep silence, and then the fig, he wondered, had me hiding under a pseudonym. So – no, no. As a person trained in the Soviet Union, I have a weakness for films about war and about war, particularly about the Scouts, so first I looked it was the military series, especially because he is a sinner: in one of the scenarios used the conflict of the film "One chance in a thousand>> with Anatoly Solonitsyn in Starring remember such an actor, he has , Tarkovsky has played, even said that Franco Zeffirelli's invited him to the role of Jesus Christ in his famous series "Jesus of Nazareth >>

New Literacy Studies

In the theoretical perspective of the New Literacy Studies, we recognize, in first place, that has letramentos multiples, that is, the events and the practical ones of letramento are many and diverse (STREET, 1995); in according to place, that these letramentos are ‘ ‘ situados’ ‘ (BARTON, HAMILTON and IVANIC, 2000), that is, inserted in spaces and determined times are determined, what them of, to each one, a especificidade, even so always immersed in ampler social processes; in third place, and as consequncia of this insertion in ampler social processes, that the abilities of participation in practical events and of letramento are consequncia more than social and cultural experiences in situations that involve the reading and the writing that properly of the formal development of these abilities (STREET, 1995). One perceives, thus, that pertaining to school letramento and social letramento, even so situated in different spaces and different times, are parts of the same ampler social processes, what it would explain why social and cultural experiences of use of the proportionate reading and the writing for the escolarizao process finish for qualifying the individuals to the participation in social and cultural experiences of use of the reading and the writing in the extra-pertaining to school social context. REFERENCES BARTON, D., HAMILTON M, IVANIC, R. Situated literacies: reading and writing in context. London: Routlege, 2000. GEE, James Paul. The New Literacy Studies and the Social Turn.

Landratsamt Rottal

Rott – and Inntaler walks 2010 with guiding parishes (tvo). Would you like to go for a walk? In the Rottal-Inn district is the walking program: qualified guides show guests their favourite places and escort her to the impressive monuments of nature, the most beautiful treasures and exciting history places of the district. For example, the European reserve lower Inn offers magnificent biodiversity of flora and fauna. In the spring, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds rest there, for many species of birds are reservoirs of the Inn and the lowland forests, but also Habitat they breed here. Herb walks in the nature awakening and the Spring Garden herbal educators tell what good. “The Druid way, walk to the great dragon” and dares to peek into the Otherworld “the Celts. In the fairytale-like fragrance and medicinal herb garden encounter a mint, Galangal and Bertram.

An excursion in the Kirnberger Valley presages source ghosts and witches broom. In the blacksmith’s shop in Pfirsching, visitors experience the May 2 old handicraft from the basket weaving up to the turning. In addition it applies to guided tours of the historic town centers and churches to explore beautiful jewels.

Infantile Education

The importance of the trick as educative principle in the Infantile Education The majority of the authors affirms that the trick is developed by the child for its pleasure and recreation, but also allows it to interact with parents, adults as well as exploring the way where it lives. As the child is an individual in development, its trick is a construction form and goes if structuralizing on the basis of what it is capable to make at each moment, it creates and recria possibilities and different situations of expression, communication and relationship with the sociocultural environment at which if it finds and with this, is intended to be inserted. Throughout the development, the children go constructing new and different abilities, and thus she reaches the biggest context of practical social, allowing them to understand its position in the world and to act of ampler form in the world. It is from the trick that the child knows, is successful the obstacles and therefore, grow, of this form if it develops and it constructs its experience of if relating with the world in conscientious, active way, allowing an only experience of experiences that takes the taking of decisions. In a game any, it can opt to playing or not, what it is characteristic important of the trick, therefore oportuniza the development of the autonomy, creativity and responsibility how much its proper action.

The trick is a knowledge form, is through it that the individual if prepares for other stages of the life. Of this form, one perceives that, she is necessary this agreement, that professor thus recognizes the importance of the beginning of the trick for the infantile development, so argued today and already established in the National Curricular Referencial for the Infantile Education, what he represents a conquest and efetivao of the rights of the child integrated to the modality of infantile education. References: Kishimoto, T.M. (2002). Playing and its theories. So Paulo: Pioneer Learning. Piaget, J.

(1987). The Birth of Intelligence in the Child. Rio De Janeiro: Guanabara. Bridges, F. the R. & Magalhes, C.C. (2003). The transmission of the culture of the trick. Psychology: Critical reflection and, v.6 n.1, 117-124.

Special Education

These changes in the nomenclatures not only represent a change of looking at with respect to the citizens with necessities special, but an advance that had stimulated greaters efetivaes in the public politics for this modality of the education. In 1994, the National Politics of Special Education is published, guiding the process of ' integration instrucional' that it conditions the access the common classrooms of the regular education that ' ' (…) they possess conditions to follow and to develop the programmed curricular activities of common education, in the same rhythm that the said pupils normais' ' (p.19). When reaffirming the constructed estimated ones to break of homogeneous standards of participation and learning, the practical Politics does not provoke a reformularization of the educational ones thus the different potentials of learning in common education are valued, keeping the responsibility of the education of these pupils exclusively in the scope of the special education. The second Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education (Law 9394/96), for the first time, in the history of the Brazilian education, presents a specific article on the special education, that recognizes the right to the difference, pluralism and the tolerance. In this perspective the attention given to the cultural diversity collaborates for the improvement of the quality of education and learning for all.

Thus, the special education as modality of the pertaining to school basic education gains plus a legal and politician-philosophical device its favor. Among others determination, LDB 9,394/96 is excellent when affirming: Art. 58. It is understood for special education, for the effect of this Law, the modality of pertaining to school education, offered preferential in the regular net of education, for carrying educandos of necessities special. 1 Will have, when necessary, services of support specialized, in the regular school, to take care of the peculiarities of the clientele of special education.

Dominican Republic

For all the citizens of the Dominican Republic it is of vital importance to know the problems being experienced by our country’s educational system. As we know the education it is vital to improve the quality of people’s lives and improve the development of a nation. Our country is going through serious problems in this social system and is not that the State has only given low investment, but is also that there has been inefficiency in the management of economic resources to education, since they are mostly intended for wages and salaries. Not necessarily to higher expenses we will have higher education, because an example is that approximately 50% of the resources allocated to the different levels delivered to basic education and however the second study comparative and explanatory (SERCE) held in Chile in the month of June, 2008, against the 15 Latin American countries participants got last place. We have deficiency in the preparation and training that It produces teaching and this creates a circle where low training of teachers is reinforced by low wages.

Repetition rates are high and accumulate above students age and the drop is due to the factors of poverty or incomplete schools. It could be said that the main problem of the educational system is the difficulty of retention of students, so that they concluded basic and medium levels. Really in Dominican Republic lack establish mechanisms that evaluate and troubles the implementation of educational projects, as well as greater decentralisation of the school. Educate children and you won’t need to punish men Pythagoras instructs child in his way, and even when he is old will not depart the Proverbs 22: 6 original author and source of the article

The Student

Another reason why Spanish teachers object to the use of the game is that sometimes include one of them in our programming opens a door to uncertainty.Will appeal to students? Will they interlock in the game? It is that teacher puts so many expectations, and Yes, many times happens that what the teacher believes that it is a great idea, deflates to put it into practice with the students. It doesn’t work. This happens. Students are not motivating or fun activity. Either way. It is part of the risks and if didn’t work this time, perhaps with another group if it works. And with this group, trying other things.

Teachers complain also that, on occasions, games are difficult to explain and it takes half block of class students organize and explain the activity. I recommend very well think how you want to arrange the game in the classroom, as I also recommend practicing the explanation of the activity at home. Program brief and simple explanation. Sometimes I don’t have to explain everything before the activity, the important thing is to start with an idea basic of the slogan, then the rest will go by adding it in the March. Advise them that wherever possible, explain the watchwords in the students mother tongue, especially if it’s initial levels, since only the explanation can frustrate students much and exhausting them, leaving them without forces to enjoy the activity then.

Often students who have no desire to play. Of course, I understand them. It is easier to complete an exercise in notebook or reading a text. This requires less effort from the student. You must not both squeezing their neurons. As master want the student to squeeze the brains and strive! But believe me, once the activity gets underway, the students begin to have fun and will be warmly, participate in the game. And of course that this methodology will learn much more that completing an exercise in the student notebook. Eye, despite the advantages, not you become addicted to the game. Indiscriminate use may hinder rather than help the dynamics of a group, rather than contribute to the knowledge or to the practice in the classroom. Finally, some tips: get sexy games, with cards, photos, folios. It uses visuals with audio. Working in small groups. This facilitates the active participation of the students, also of those who are more retracted. Always remember that the competition motivates much. So we are, we always want to win. Also students, competition injects them motivation. In sum, uses all the elements that produce contextualize the language making the use of language by students in class is natural, real. We want a language alive and kicking. And now if the fiance is debt: 10 activities that you can not miss in your Spanish class.

The Educators

This that to say that, or if ' ' finge' ' that a inapropriada behavior was not seen or if restrains without guiding it adequately. Without doubts, in an environment of special education he is necessary, that the professionals are trained to deal specifically with the deficient intellectual, understanding that this is not one aspect to the part of the individual, as well as with the proper sexual education. The intervention must be most intensive and precocious possible, carried through for team to interdisciplinar that it includes psychiatrist of infancy and adolescence, psychologist, neurologist or infantile neurologist, pediatra, professor, psicopedagogo, fonoaudilogo and physiotherapist, amongst others. Unhappyly, in Brazil, deficient and its necessities still frequently they are ignored, rank that the evolution of the society was not enough to move away to the exclusion and the tried difficulties. Of this form, if it makes necessary to establish by means of law and too much programs, rules that can favor the fairness between the people, deficient or not. It wants let us deal with educandos with deficiency or not, the sexual education, in general way, is one of the great problems of the parents and professors, as well as of excessively professional of the education and health that deal with the deficient one, in view of that the sexuality, as manifestation of the being does not choose schedule or place to appear. Currently, the sexual education in Brazil can be given by the professors, but if it becomes necessary that, beyond the related scientific knowledge to the reproduction, the entailed questions to the sexual, individual and social behavior are debated and analyzed. This system of sexual and affective education will make possible to the educators and educandos better agreement of its psicossexuais characteristics. However, the sexual education, in particular, as much in the schools, how much in the homes, still she is precarious.