Month: August 2014

Learning Communities

In learning communities, learning is not confined to the classroom or the school itself, this phenomenon occurs in a more open, we are learning in the classroom, on the street, at home anywhere that is conducive to that because knowledge is not unique to the classroom, nor the teacher is the one person capable of transmitting it. Intelligence Spiritual intelligence is superior to humans, is the power with which to successfully face the problems of meaning and meaning in our lives. Is the capacity to overcome suffering, to address the conflict, the dilemmas and give a comprehensive response. Lighting is the will, that brings us to the transpersonal level, the spiritual plane. It alone allows us to be able to act ethically. It alone makes us honest, so is the center of all true education, an education that promotes spiritual understanding is a simulation, a work surface that will not achieve significant changes. Spiritual enlightenment is to have love in our hearts. In conclusion The holistic education model was created by Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava. In the very beginning of the twenty-first century, many of our institutions and professions are entering a period of profound change. We in education are beginning to realize that the structure, objectives and methods of our profession were designed for a historical era that is now approaching its end. It is time to transform education to meet the human challenges of the environment that we face. I believe and I am sure that education in this new era must be holistic.

Bachelors Of Degrees

The baccalaureate is a period belonging to college the program of education which can consist of between 2 and 4 years. These are post-secondary education and pre-university education. At the end of high school, in some countries, the student online studying conducts a review of selectivity, it is a written test to gain access to university studies. The Bachelor does not have a binding character and the subjects offered are more specialized in high school, that is, are aimed at science or literature. The distance learning goal is to prepare academically Baccalaureate students to higher studies.
In and Peru, uses the word graduate degree “baccalaureate” to translate into Spanish the term bachelor’s degree, which constitutes the first four or five years of university education, whose nearest equivalent in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world is the degree.
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Edgar Morin

But I know that all being takes off its origin of it, if it is well of sombras' ' . After that of the emphasis to the limits of the thought. In which if it treats in educating, therefore when more it is educated little if understands the fog that cause fear and that makes to shine the night and is in this then that consists the mstica in Morin, based in the knowledge: I feel ' ' misticamente' ' the moment in which the knowledge it discharges in the ignorance, in which knowing discharges in the mystery. At the same time, rationally I am convinced of that, when, but our science advances, but it comes close itself to the Inconhecvel. But I do not give to this Inconhecvel the name of God. Here, still, I join my demon of the rationality with the one of the mstica. We can observe that the author if feels mstico when the knowledge discharges in the ignorance.

This means that from the moment that if believes that it knows, but in the end if it knows and then it meets with the ignorance and it makes with that knowing if chains with the mystery. Morin affirms that science is advancing and this advance leads for the Inconhecvel, that is, walks for what it is not known. But it leaves clearly that this Inconhecvel is not God. Finally it declares that its thought still is in conflict with the mstica. It believes that this is bad when demon of the rationality, therefore creates an obstacle to come close itself to the misticismo. With this we can say that the mstica is not only exclusive of the religion. Edgar Morin says that the mstico phenomenon is not monopoly of the classic religions, the ones that claim the existence of God. affirms: It exists, also, in the secular religions.

Alexander Piatigorsky

In interpreting the words of Umberto Eco, Italian author and semiotics of postmodern bestseller 'Name of the Rose', the Russian philosopher and cultural studies, Alexander Piatigorsky, in his essay on the AP says'(…) Umberto Eco writes, that in this postmodern desperately tries to explain, to explain themselves to another – a friend, enemy, peace, to anyone, because he will die at a time when no one will explain. But explaining yourself to another, he is trying to do and how another, rather than as himself. Explaining the reception of postmodern explanation, Eco says: Well, imagine that you are cultured and educated man, want to explain to love a woman you consider not only the cultural and educated, but also smart. Of course, you could just say, 'I love you madly', but you can not do this because she knows that these words were just told to Anne of Austria in the novel by 'Three Musketeers'. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you say, 'I'm madly in love you, in the words of Dumas' Three Musketeers'.

Yes, of course, a woman, if she smart, understand what you mean and why do you say it that way. But quite another thing, if she really so smart, if she wants to answer is 'yes' to a declaration of love? " (Italics here and below in quotes belongs to Pyatigorsk. – VR). Another fundamental principle of the AP – the refusal of the truth. Miscellaneous philosophical trends in different ways to understand the truth, but the PA refuses to recognize and solve this problem – except as a problem of language game in the spirit of the late Wittgenstein (see analytic philosophy), they say, the truth – it's just a word that means what it says in the dictionary. It is important – not the value of the word and its meaning (see the logical semantics, the sign), its etymology, then, as it was used before.