Month: February 2015

Generalization Strategies

Defined in a broad way, learning strategies are behaviors or thoughts that facilitate learning. These strategies range from simple study skills, and underlining the main idea, to complex thought processes as the use of analogies to relate prior knowledge with new information. The two types of strategies: instructional (imposed) and learning (induced) are cognitive strategies, involved in processing information from texts, which makes a reader, though in the first case the emphasis is on the material and the second in the apprentice. To get a clearer picture of what they are learning strategies, I invite you to view the following video from youtube:


Why Do I Need A Tutor ?

Should I hire a tutor? Why do I need a tutor, for example, in the Russian language? Why do we need coaches? Similar questions in different variations every year asking themselves the majority of students and pupils of the school of the Russian Federation. Also, these questions do not bypass the parents who are genuinely interested in the prosperous future of children. The exact answer is not always obvious, both for parents and children alike, and the accuracy of the answer to the question "Why do I need tutor "may depend on the further a child's life, his education and work. And this hot topic today because, unfortunately, not always the level of teaching in schools meets modern requirements. Children often do not can get qualitative knowledge for successful admission to college. Yes, and interest in many subjects is not all because of the same quality of education. Nowadays, one can often see a picture, when physical education teacher substitute teachers of mathematics, due to the illness of the latter. In this case the student relate to the lessons? With real interest? And often in the process of learning situations arise, the obstacles that make you think that the hire a professional assistant – tutor.

Catch up on missed material, to eliminate gaps in the subject, quickly prepare for the exam, the cse to enroll in college, broaden my horizons, etc. A lot of problems confronts students and their parents. Excellent solution to these problems – additional training with a tutor at home. Reasons why a child needs an assistant in training – weight. For example, consider typical situations related to school.

1) Child is not fully understood the necessary material. And the school has long held the next theme. For example, in the classroom students often do not get to concentrate, making student misses any part of the material. And gaps in knowledge that can seriously impede a successful exam. 2) You can not learn until the end of any topic. The material can be a child, he clarifies his bad. But because the curriculum not flexible enough, you can not teach the subject more deeply. And this is in some extent interfere with fulfillment of the child. 3) There are obstacles in the training because of personal ambition. It happens that a child in conflict with a teacher, what prevents study the subject. Perhaps, the teacher gives the material, as he understands that different from an objective view. 4) The child is able, but lazy. Great learner, but to get something done under the lash almost unrealistic. The reason for such laziness – lack of interest in the subject. Tutor a child is definitely needed if at least one of the points above is true. Tutor needed for private lessons with the student at home. In a relaxed environment the child is much easier to digest misunderstood material. A tutor is much easier to find common ground with one child, identify gaps, find a personal approach. And most importantly, the child through individual studies wakes up, still asleep, interest in the subject. A pull up the Russian language (or any object) – easy! Especially with an experienced tutor. Only need to want and to agree the classroom.

Organic Chemistry

For example, in our experience that the preparation for the exam in biology is better to start with a block "Biology – the science of living nature," and then proceed to the study (repetition) of the block "Superorganismal system. Evolution organic world, "ie, follow the path of deduction (from general to specific) that are very productive in working with strong students. With students with low levels of training appropriate to begin with a repetition of the section "Botany", ie follow the path of induction (from particular to general). Preparation for the exam in chemistry with students from low and middle levels of training appropriate to start with the "Basic concepts of chemistry. Nomenclature of inorganic and organic substances. " With strong students, in this case, better to go a deductive way, ie begin with the repetition of "The structure of the atom.

Chemical bond. " Particular attention is drawn to the following topics: – the main classes of inorganic substances – redox reactions, electrolysis, – reactions in electrolyte solutions, hydrolysis – chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium. Note that currently the vast majority of pupils weak knowledge of the section "Organic Chemistry", which may well be associated with the transition to a concentric system of construction of school programs, ie of the material in this section is studied in grade 9, and deepen knowledge in grade 10. Y students in mind there is not afraid of the word "porridge". So start preparing for this section is best with a "white list" and bring it to attention.

Particular attention should be paid to the chemistry and the solution computing tasks and exercises on the type of "chain reactions". "Chains of transformations" are good, in our opinion, the fact that with their help in the short term you can learn quite a large number of chemical reactions. And not only learn, but also consolidate their knowledge. What else can be used for an intensification of tutor training course to the exam? Currently, intensive development of distance learning students. And it will be, at least, not unreasonable take advantage of its achievements in the practice of tutoring activities. In the 2009-2010 school years, we tested a model of integration and full-time distance learning. What does this mean? Everything is simple. Some of the content of educational Material (relatively simple topics, quizzes, homework, etc.) is transferred to the remote form. At the classroom with the focus on only a complex theoretical issues. Colossal valuable part of the school Time is released. Pupil can not relate to the homework negligent, or simply not to comply. He knows that his every action, every step, every task will be the teacher tested and evaluated. Except addition, specially developed for this system Moodle is the automatic evaluation of test items. In this case the teacher does not need to spend valuable time checking job closed, the system all appreciate and "will" result. Parents, as well as the tutor can monitor the work of the child. There are times when the student is sick, what to do with anyone is not happening. In this situation the same way classes can be conducted in remote form, without losing time. At the end of articles, we emphasize that the modern coach is plenty of opportunity to improve their activities to only those capabilities on time and correctly use.