Month: June 2015

Fuzzy Logic Facilitates Our Professional Life!

Systemic cybernetic systems adjust to prevent the daily chaos! You know the problem: desperately you want to control a cybernetic manufacturing process: lack of time and rising costs, personnel problems and constantly admonishing contracting authorities which are in turn bound by their fixed commitments. He is a solution: fuzzy logic fassi (theory of fuzzy variables). We all trained professionally under the precision and perfect information dictates of Western business. Our Western or logic allows only one clear answer: black or white? Aristotle (384-322) said: true or false, a third do not exist. Plato (427-347) claimed previously: between true and false, there is a third. The Asians practice the natural logic: and logic: both as well.

If, then and. If and, then. The whole and the parts at the same time, the big and the small. This and-Denkweise in the West Paradox (un logical) referred to as (KOAN: Japanese, Zen). Reminder: In the computer there Not Acceptable!

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Document Display At Your Fingertips With The New BS Finder From Behrens & Schuleit

The availability of their new OS announced today Finder smart search processes without programming effort Dusseldorf the Behrens & Schuleit GmbH. This is a module that allows users of the enterprise content management system DocuWare to out quickly find 5 desired documents through a keyboard shortcut from any application and see. Eliminates the need for programming or customizations. Instead, define users for their field of activity required search profiles, such as customers, documents etc., and assign shortcut keys for direct access to them. A highlight is the additional possibility of finding processes, in which all documents belonging to a process are filtered and displayed. Convenient and fast access to required documents is an essential factor for the simplification of daily work.

Often, there are recurrent search routines that must be traversed. So far this had to open users to search for documents in the DocuWare file cabinet and their Enter the search term. With the new module from Behrens & Schuleit, acting as an integration interface for the various applications in the enterprise, this is no longer necessary. Instead, users from any system can out whether Office, CRM or ERP selectively invoke a desired document with a keyboard shortcut. This can be an A/r invoice being searched for on the invoice number or the order for the customer’s name, the correspondence of the sender etc. The various search profiles are configured initially once. This defines a search term, and the desired shortcut keys assigned to. Can later both metadaten-also based full text search for this term.

Search you can also manually”for documents; This is spontaneously entered a search term. The number of definable search profiles is unlimited. The possibility of the search is beneficial to processes. Here the user researched BS Finder all to the same process for a particular document, and Documents is also available. In case of such offer, order, invoice, and other correspondence to each case are available a complaint so promptly and the employee is immediately capable of information. About Behrens & Schuleit GmbH: Behrens & Schuleit GmbH was founded in 1929 in Dusseldorf and since then supports its customers in all aspects of the document. Today the company offers comprehensive service and consulting services in the field of document processing. This includes the analysis and optimization of internal processes (business process management), the processing of incoming and outgoing documents (input / output management) and the consultation document and process management. Behrens & Schuleit accompanied commercial documents as well as large-sized drawings during their entire life cycle. Reference customers include among others Daimler AG, the airport of Dusseldorf, the Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf, Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG and the Victoria insurance AG. The company currently over 75 employees and has in addition to its headquarters in Dusseldorf sales offices in Bad Bentheim, Osnabruck and Meckenheim. Managing Director is Dieter Rick and Rick Thomas. Behrens & Schuleit is an active member of the Association for multimedia information processing e.V. (FMI) and the VOI – Association Organization und Informationssysteme e.V. In addition, Thomas Rick of Chairman of the regional group Rhine of the BJU is the young entrepreneurs ( Editorial Contacts: Behrens & Schuleit GmbH Cristina Castrillon Flehe road 198 40223 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211.15758-10 fax: 0211.15758-23 PR Agency: good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf Tel.: 0451 88199-12 fax: 0451 88199-29