Month: May 2016

School Administration

Should not surprise us that say, ethics and Social responsibility are concepts that relate, primarily, to the quality of our relationships over time, considered that the term ethics is defined as the study of how our decisions affect others, reach the social responsibility and ethics in organizations have evolved significantlyenrumbando today towards the analysis of the ethical decisions, as well as has been concern of managers and theorists the Organization’s responsibility before the society. Necessary is in the same way the study of rights and obligations of persons, moral rules that people apply when taking decisions and the essence of personal relationships. Impact points out, that social responsibility and ethics in organizations is generally subject of controversy. Some observers allege that it is healthy, others that this decline and other more than this dead or that it should be set aside. The newspapers mentioned Related Group not as a source, but as a related topic. Investigations that have been made, in this regard indicate that there are large variations between the views. The proportion of employees with work ethic varies markedly between each respondent group, depending on factors such as personal history, type of work and location of the same.

Be considered as analyzes what the Chair of problematic of the Venezuelan administration of Faces UC Administration School, the dramatic social changes that took place in the latter half of the 20th century have also brought the decline in work ethics. Other social values in competition with the work ethic, have emerged as for example, the ethics of the rest, to the desire to maintain closer interpersonal relationships and the belief of having right to get rewards without working. In addition changes in global social policy and legislation Prosecutor sought the reduction of incentives for work and they have even promoted the prohibition of heavy work.

Magic School

If you book in advance see berlin, you benefit from attractive online offers. These include an express admission. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For group or school discounts call us please free of charge under 0800-5891 766! For a whole year fun at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin guests a year pass for 40 per person or a family annual pass for 110 (two adults, two children) purchase. Use as often as the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin annual pass, as you would for a full 12 months from date of purchase. The colorful LEGO bricks world in the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre offers guests 15 different stations, at which time amazed and tried, once declared, made with and even looked to leaning back can be and.

2012 is largely celebrated: the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin will five years old! In addition to our great birthday Marathon many highlights wait box the world stones back on the large and small visitors in the largest LEGO with over four million LEGO bricks. If now one night of sleep only for girls, Star Wars weekends or weeks racer – there’s for each lot to discover, regardless of whether large or small. In the spring we take leave from the popular Captain ‘ n of stone Beard’s pirate battle and look forward to a new attraction. The whole summer is one of Leonardo’s LEGO’s heirs: 560. birthday of Leonardo da Vinci we are looking for the pilot of the future! And the Halloween month October all kids to secret agents, before before Christmas everything in an enchanting Winter Wonderland turns and quiet be trickle the LEGO stones worth seeing as always: the interactive carousel built Merlin’s Magic School, a magic library full of magic and fantasy, the exciting Dragon train or the Berlin MINILAND with the spectacular main city attractions such as Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Berlin City Palace from millions of colourful LEGO bricks.

School Highlights

Pupils and students of the Hermann-Lietz-Schule Hohenwehrda glide floating through the skies at 900 metres above the ground and once in a very special way this way escape the school boarding school Schloss Hohenwehrda offers its students in the future. In cooperation with the paragliding flight school, the young people have Papillon on the Wasserkuppe now regularly to take the possibility of paragliding flight hours. Step by step purchase”the 14-to 18-year old student in the individual lessons important naturalistic theory and then the feeling of flight. The process of training is equally simple how exciting: first, on the practice slopes of the highest mountain of Hesse, the Wasserkuppe, provide the basic knowledge and made first attempts to fly. In the course of several weeks, young people may then put their skills into practice on a total of 16 primary and high-flying areas and finally high gliding through the Rhon in the air. The flight school Papillon a unique program offers young people here: so there is the possibility to fly in all wind directions paraglider for example Germany only on the Wasserkuppe. The unique program promises thrills of plenty of and spills.