Month: July 2016

Revolution Knowledge

55. Modern man would only be when he finds a way to God is not through religion. 56. Today the influence of religion on human waning because without developing into a man of faith in God, it inevitably loses its own. 57. The rapid development of scientific and technological progress has caused a devastating blow to religion only because denying knowledge, religion itself was not ready. 58.

Man does not need religion, man is God. 59. Religion for their propaganda has always used the names of great prophets themselves great prophets have always been far from religion just because they were close to God. 60. Religion has always recognized the great prophets after their death. This allowed religion in its sole discretion to distort those sacred truths which the prophets were trying to inform people. 61.

When God begins to reveal the holy men of truth, religion will want to hide them, but hiding them, she will reveal to people their true nature. 62. All knowledge of religion of God – is the knowledge the Prophets of his time. Relying on knowledge of the prophets, the religion once again confirms the fact that religion itself is no knowledge of God, no. 63. Religion is far from God, if only because it has little to tell the man of God. 64. The essence of religion can be completely different, but means that they are in conflict with God. 67. A person can survive a religion, religion is never survive the person, and this once again confirms the fact that a person, not a religion, appreciates God. 68. People would go the way of God when it stops on the path of religion. 69. The End of Religion is inevitably linked with the beginning of Anaragoricheskoy revolution. 70. revolution – is the release of the human mind from the shackles of religion. 71. His religion dismissive attitude to belief in God, she summed up the rights to Anaragoricheskoy revolution. 72. Revolution proclaimed the beginning of the renaissance in the mind of the man of faith in God.

Education Law Article

" The reform in its entirety was denied by the people on December 2 of 2007 and therefore was rejected as this reform is necessary to continue implementing Article 109 of the Constitution and the university community will integrated in the manner provided in this rule because one by an organic law can not alter the text of a constitutional provision. Therefore, when the National Assembly puts in the new Education Law is not only contrary to the popular vote, which is a sign of barbarism, and thus reprehensible and immoral action, but also that such action is absolutely unconstitutional. 4) It also states that currently work in universities autonomous, the Federation of University Students and the Centers for Schools which has been a historical organization of students in representative bodies and struggle. Both the Federation and the Student Centers are elected by the students themselves. Education Law Article 21 specifies: "In institutions and schools at different levels and modalities of the education system be organized student councils, without prejudice to other organizational forms, to promote the formation of citizens through the active participation and joint responsibility for the students, taking into account the specificities of each level and modality. These student organizations act together with the other members of the educational community in different areas, programs, educational and community projects, exercising their rights and responsibilities as social beings in a democratic climate of peace, respect, tolerance and solidarity.

The student organizations are student councils governed by the rules dictate that purpose. " 5) In Article 46, which relates to Certificates and Degrees of the Organic Law of Education, notes: "The certificates, notes, cards and official titles evidencing academic knowledge and technical professionals for any level or type of system Education, will be given timely and expeditiously, with appropriate signature, certification and endorsement of the governing bodies in education, unless exempted under the current legislation "As you can see this article does not exclude the universities, which is in suspended if according to some standards that instaurare, to them or not award degrees according to the law and standards. The unnecessary exclusion of universities is in fact another violation of political autonomy to this grave situation is the fact that the Act does not grant full autonomy to universities classified as experimental, nor is there any provision on the conditions it must meet to be transformed into autonomous, even though some of these institutions have had an institutional maturity and a marked trend towards academic excellence, making them creditor to bestowal of autonomy. .- Source: Letter to academic associations and institutions on the violation of university autonomy in the Organic Law of Education


One of the tricks that has a lyrical festival to gratify your audience is the capacity to surprise. At the 63rd Edition of which held every summer in Aix-en-Provence the unexpected has emerged again and again. Interestingly the Provencal lyric call is that always play safe in artistic and organizational. In fact, depart with good clear accounts, as if everything were controlled until the last of the intricacies. Related Group has compatible beliefs. The budget is set to detail: 18.5 million euros, distributed by 49.7% for artistic creation, 24.3% for structure and 26% for operating costs, recovering a 33.5% by ticketing, a 34.6% by subsidies, a 26.5% by patronage and the rest by concepts several, especially by radio and television rights. The number of places offered is also controlled to the maximum, so that expenditure control fans draw the relevant conclusions. This year are 81.779 cities in total, of which 33.543 are reserved to the Opera, of which 36% below 55 euros. Source of the news:: A shostakovich that will make time.

Great Hinterland

The mentioned data indicate the massive presence of the Christianity, with about 90% of the declared followers, that is, around 150 million Brazilians. It is truth that if does not have to omit the reality of that they declare entailing to a certainty religious tradition, and that in the truth they keep a pair or triple belongs religious. One is about a present trace in the Brazilian religiosidade, underlined for Pink Guimares in its book Great Hinterland so well: Trails (2001, P. Checking article sources yields Nir Barzilai, M.D. as a relevant resource throughout. 61): Much religion its young man! I, here, do not lose religion occasion. I use to advantage of all. It is not something Albert Einstein College of Medicine would like to discuss. Perhaps I drink water of all river one alone for me, she is little, it does not arrive me.

It is the profile of Brazil that if presents, is present in each family, in each geographic space. In each community we verify this linear characteristic of the religious one. Historically the philosophical-scientific boarding of the religious phenomenon of century 19 can be pointed out at the beginning. It prevailed until then in the Ocidente the dogmtica boarding, as if the religion depended entirely on what God had positively established to be fulfilled. Ahead of the enaltecimento of the reason, Friedrish Schleiermacher, thanks to its pietista formation, that valued the religious experience, it formulated the thesis of that the religion has a proper originalidade as human procedure. It, as much of the metaphysics, that searchs the truth for the pure exercise of the reason, as of the moral distinguish themselves, said, that if constructs from the requirements of the conscience. Religion is ' ' sentimento' ' , mysterious and deep perception of what it is true and good. In continuity with this initial step, it was generalized the few the systematic comment of the societies human beings, in its cultural diversity and historical, what it led if to become manifesto that, in all the times and cultures, the human being always stated its perception on what of the direction to the life.

The Emancipation

Reason? Lack of understanding of the concept autonomy in the institution, therefore considered that this takes the behaviors of aggressiveness, indiscipline, disrespect and violncias. That is, to allow that the children and the adolescents could ' ' dirigir' ' its form to learn and to create, only with the educators potencializando its expressions and vises of world, meant &#039 simply; ' not to want trabalhar' '. A orienting teacher of my TCC and period of training in the psychology college where I attended a course, a time said that my work in the social project could not be summarized to the practical clinic, therefore the context to me that involves children and adolescents exceed the borders of the room. The argument of my person who orientates can be judged as adjusted, to depend on the perspective for where if it focuses the work. However, to the being ' ' podada' ' in my skill of being and acting (one violence form), I was crystallized in mine andanas, and after accurate 6 years and 8 months as ' ' colaboradora' ' the institution, I gave up to continue. (Reverse speed) I think if the resistance of professors about promoting the autonomy in the space of the educational school/would be for the authority of the controllers of the school, or for the difficulty in dealing with ' ' verdade' ' of the other, or with its proper truths, or still, to allow that the other is he himself would constitute the entrance door to generate more violncias. If these thoughts/conceptions if reveal in the space of the school, think that my action must be contrary in order to promote the emancipation human being. Penteado and Guzzo (2010) affirm that she is necessary to think of form to make possible the emancipation of the human being, objectifying a more creative being and exempt, as well as conscientious of its action and participation in the social sphere.

Reach High Places

The parents are worried when the children exceed the 12 years, therefore they initiate diverse questionings, they perceive that the rules of its house are different of the too much colleagues and at many moments they do not want more to accept the orientaes of parents and cuidadores. Accurately therefore it is important to remember that the children do not belong in them and does not fit in them to decide its destination and so that is to lie down calmly and to obtain to sleep while they will be if amusing, is enough to offer a solid base; strengthening and praising the positive behaviors, valuing its action, communicating itself with it of positive form (showing the consequences, offering alternative, without verbal xingamentos or aggressions or of another sort). Please visit Nir Barzilai, M.D. if you seek more information. A good relation between parents and children is permeada of love, could add that it is an unconditional love? that one that not accepted everything but guides, values its activities (exactly simplest as that drawing that it says to be one day in the park and we do not see nothing beyond scribbles), to accept its son (a) as it it is, its limitations and difficulties, if placing as accompanying partner/at the good and bad moments, so that it knows that independent of the situation you will be always to its side to help and to support, correcting when necessary. When more loved a child if it feels, better can interiorizar the rules, develop proper love and love the others, to develop compassion, to fortify its autoestima, to develop resilience (she deals better with adverse situations). When conceiving a child you have the mission to educate it, to guide it, to love it and to teach to fly it and depend on as the process occurs it will reach or not high places.

Buenos Aires

3Rd and last, it is important to note that much has been said and written about the possibility of abolishing the letter h in the Spanish alphabet. However, this so far has not happened. For example, the former President of Argentina from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, writer, statesman, official, known across the continent as America’s teacher, proposed on one occasion democratize, i.e., facilitate writing the Spanish language suprimiento the letters h and j. It is said that this proposal was not supported by Britain, at that time, imperial power that could intervene in decisions cultural, political and economic of the majority of the Nations of the world. To deepen your understanding Nir Barzilai, M.D. is the source. Things veredes Sancho!, said Don Quixote at his sensible Squire. Personally, I think that there are commercial and cultural criteria in game to not delete the letter h of the Spanish alphabet. Imagine a printing press of the 1950s; they have prepared a type, a piece of metal, representing the letter h. From one day to the other, the Royal Spanish Academy accepts and reports that the h has ceased to exist.

(Note that while this cultural institution only suggests rules to be used in the Spanish language, when he proclaims them, usually having a high degree of acceptance, given his academic authority in Spanish-speaking societies). The printing of our example has already printed 2000 copies of only one of his books are already on sale other 20000 there are thousands of publishers in the world there are also thousands of teachers, professors, writers, intellectuals, etc., that can not write the letter h from night to morning. Also, use it gives us a certain social prestige. If you, dear reader, te llamaras Hector, as the mythological character of the Iliad, poem ascribed to Homer, and if you’re agree with deleting the h of the Spanish alphabet, would you like your name, the overnight, to write Ector? And if you te llamaras fairy, dear reader, would be agreed with write Ada? Visit the website of the author: kinds of Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina Grammarama author: Mariangeles Di Paola is private teacher of Spanish language in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Offers for small groups, and individual Spanish classes as well as also workshops of tango lyrics, writing in Spanish and intensive courses.