Month: August 2016

Keltia School

Studying makeup professionally can be really exciting. Lots of people today know how to apply makeup since it is something that is usually done on a daily basis. Even so, many techniques that could help you to enhance your beauty are not known by everyone and a make-up course will provide you with the theoretical and practice necessary. If you are looking for a professional makeup school, in Spain there are many academies at the private level. Virtually all of them have a wide variety of modules and in some you can even specialize. Jorge Perez has similar goals.

From the school of Montserrat Fajardo to Cazcarra, Maria Amaro, Thuya, Keltia, Imatge 21, Harpo, Style studio, Stick Art Studio, Trhuko and the Association of Spanish make-up artists. Some of these schools are dedicated to makeup for TV or dish, while others focus more on fashion and catwalk or makeup for photography. Keltia make-up school, for example, is dedicated to this last. In the Thuya Academy you will learn make-up and hairdressing. Harpo It is entirely dedicated to caratericacion, hairdressing of era and hairpieces, something that fascinates many people.

Salvador Segui in Barcelona is an Institute where you can perform a degree means in terms of characterization refers. As you’ll see, each school has its idiosyncrasies and you must really think is that most suits you. If you have any doubts, ask students which they will advise you. Think that you will spend time making these courses and is very important to do a good planning. Once you have the list that you like, flame by phone and well find out how courses are taught. They are more practical than theoretical? Do they offer the possibility to work once completed? You have to provide you the kit and other accessories or the school puts these? All these questions and more must be clarified before starting your course. The author details: Visit for more information on courses of professional makeup in Spain.

Ramon Gallegos Nava

Foundation International to LA education holistic masters in holistic education RAMON GALLEGOS and LA education holistic by Guadalupe Aleyda Cardenas Lopez, Culiacan 2009 books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, such as; 1) Education holistic, its objective is to provide an overview of what is holistic, 2 education) wisdom, love and compassion, 3) dialogues holistas 4) the path of the perennial philosophy, these three books are dialogues with thinkers, philosophers, writers, educators holistas, mystics, commented on the future of humanity and education that we will have for the 21st century, 5) the spirit in education presents the model that Dr. Gallegos uses in his work(, the model multilevel-multidimension, which is a guide to expand comprehensive awareness, living our spirituality, intelligence and creativity and the best universal love, based in totalities, based in holarquicos, 6 levels) a holistic vision of education, see here ((how to develop a comprehensive education oriented to the evolution of consciousness, 7) pedagogy of universal love, this book presents a comprehensive view of education holistic transforming compassionate human beings who live in universal love and cultivate a culture of peace, to form our schools into learning communities, in living communities that there is diversity, 8) the education of the heart(, in every school this governed by principles and for us educators holistas this book teaches us how we must nourish our spirit with the universal love, 9) learning communities, living in a process of inquiry, educate for life and lifetime, shown here as we must now build our schools into learning communities(, where all learn permanently, looking for the interdependence between parents, teachers and students, 10) learning to be, this book its main aim is discovering who we are, likewise teach us to improve our own lives inside, to be better people, (feel the changes in our body, mind and spirit, really know who we are and where we are going, 11) education and spirituality, is the awakening of our spiritual consciousness, because the heart of education is spirituality, this is given to honoring the life on Earth and the well-being of all human beings, 12) spiritual intelligence this book helps us understand the eightfold path of the Buddhato find a meaning to life, selfless service to others, compassion, self knowledge, to overcome the hedonism and nihilism, attachments, suffering, to become a spiritual being illuminated as the Buddha. .