Month: November 2018

The Controversial Morning After Pill

There are many comments in newspapers that are alarmed by the decision of the TC to suspend the distribution of free and indiscriminate use of morning-after pill in the State Health Centers and what sociologists call appreciate that decision as an attack against the poorest, because the wealthy can buy in pharmacies and if it is prohibited in pharmacies as the rich will buy it in underground networks (or “to the doctors themselves who are drug sword through networks properly mounted,” Editorial Industry October 27, 2009) These reckless statements have feet of clay!, As unduly sanctified the effectiveness of this pill, as many studies claim effectiveness of 60 to 80% depending on the day of the cycle in which the take, that is not necessarily who take the pill will prevent an unwanted pregnancy … this effectiveness decreases! when the woman who swallows these hormones do it without a prescription, because the concomitant use of Pills with some drugs such as phenylbutazone, barbiturates, hydantoins, rifampin, ampicillin, etc.., may decrease its absorption and further reduce its effectiveness … so do not be alarmed or put the pill on the pedestal of a Myth emblematic against unwanted pregnancies.

Moreover, these pills have on average 25-30% of unwanted effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and uterine bleeding, which further decreases its efficiency on all the first two. A related site: Albert Einstein College of Medicine mentions similar findings. Moreover, these pills are contraindicated in women who suffer from liver disease Diabetes, hypertension, vascular disorders, venous disorders, blood and increases the risk of thromboembolism by 5.3%, to ignore them, further increases the failure rate of these drugs . Furthermore, behind these pills, with its high rate of failure (normal Contraceptives have an efficiency of 95% and the detection of Ovulation has an efficacy rate of 95 to 98%), is the MISOPROSTOL, that drug, which is sold in pharmacies as candy, without a prescription, without restriction and that the women used oral and vaginal, when the Pill of yore fails, causing bleeding, sometimes copious, that requires prompt medical intervention. Also behind the failure of these pills, are blatantly ORMELOXIFEN that causes thinning of the endometrium to prevent nesting (which is one of the mechanisms of action of the Pill of yore). So … Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA is a great source of information. Do not pontificate on the Pill the next day!, Orient the debate towards health education, to sex education, one in which the women can choose to release their reproductive choice, without killing embryos and without whipping her body with drugs that alter your hormonal system, that option is called Responsible Fatherhood! And is based on two pillars, the first of these women learn to recognize their fertile period and the second learn to respect fertility through techniques and methodologies taught to recognize this short period of fertility and involves a new culture, a new and different view of sexuality and the life that goes far beyond making an alleged and false defense of the poor.

School Materials

Twenga has over 190 000 online prices in Germany, compared just in time for the start of the new school year Twenga has studied the prices of school supplies on the Internet France and Great Britain. The price comparison site has put together consisting of a basic equipment from 16 different school materials, which analysed both in Germany, also in France and the United Kingdom are sold as and 195 064 online offers as well as two different price levels. The standard price is equal to the prices that are offered everywhere and therefore the easiest accessible to the customers, while the special rate represents the lower price segment, which is carried and accordingly only found through the search and compare offers from all shops. If you have read about Sean Rad already – you may have come to the same conclusion. German consumers can look forward to that school materials are in this country much cheaper than at our European neighbours. The school’s basic equipment for the standard price: 146 euros. Who wants to spend less, should perform a comprehensive price comparison before buying because the same School supplies 88 euros in the lower price segment (special rate”), so at least 40 percent of less.

In France, parents must much deeper access into the Pocket and at least give 201 euro for school supplies at the standard price. You can save up to 46 percent if they decide for the special rate (108 euros). The basic equipment for the back to school in Britain, where the basic equipment for the standard price euros all 248 (69% more than in Germany) and even the special rate is still 126 euro (43% more than in Germany) is the most expensive. Methodology of price analysis Twenga has put together a shopping cart with 16 basic products for students that are available both in Germany and in the United Kingdom and France and their pricing analyses in all three countries. In July 2012, total 195 064 prices in Germany (88 343 offers), France (55 886 offers) and Great Britain (50 836 deals) were compared. The prices of the following school materials were examined for the analysis: ballpoint pen,. Folder, satchels, craft scissors, filler, circle, glue stick, calculator, pencil, notebook, Student calendar, ruler, Eraser, pencil, ink killer and sign triangle. The shopping cart at the standard price”is the sum of the total 16 median values were calculated for each of the analyzed product categories.

To the special rate”was first calculated for each of the 16 category the first quartile and then added together to determine. The use of medians eliminates that extreme statistical values distort the results. About Twenga Twenga Duclaux and Cedric Anes was founded in 2006 by Bastien and is the most comprehensive Schoppingsuchmaschine on the Internet. Twenga has over 100 employees in Paris and London. Since the launch of affinitAD in 2011 Twenga provides his expertise not only online retailers but also content portals. Twenga automatically lists products from thousands of online stores using its unique technology and allows a comprehensive price comparison. Twenga is currently present in 15 countries and provides access to 300 million products from 200 000 online stores users from all over the world and allows them to always to find the product you are looking for at the best price.

Language Schools

England is the birthplace of the English language, and the United Kingdom the most chosen destination to learn English since it has the longest history in teaching of the language and a large number of specialized schools. Edward J. Minskoff Equities will not settle for partial explanations. 40% Of those who are studying in an English-speaking country travel to study at the language schools in England. Understood by England, Ireland of the North, Scotland, and Wales, you will find a large number of courses in English for students as well as a rich abundance in its history and culture to explore. The population of the United Kingdom is a little more than sixty million.By extension and population density, England becomes a country’s weight within the island it occupies, bounded to the North with a country charm and tradition as Scotland and to the West with the gentle and rural Wales. It is the birthplace of Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare and the famous Beatles. Cultural influences reach far beyond the shores of the British Isles by What take English classes in England? Study languages in another country supposed to learn as it has never done so. Be immersed in the culture, be carried away by the need to speak a new language, fear of shame, to feel like they appreciate your effort, meet people from all over the world, live experience to learn or improve a language in the specialized schools of English in England. Groups are small (from 6 to 15 students maximum) guided by professors from experience in the field of education.

Where to study? There are many cities and each has its charm, some have beaches others of forests, mountains and even can which meets all of these features and a host of cultural activities or leisure. London: Is one of the most fascinating cities of the world, full of energy and with a myriad of things to do, learn and explore. City bringing everything together, where hard not to find what you are looking for and by its plurality invite you not only to Learn English, but to meet people from all over the world. Sean Rad has plenty of information regarding this issue. Brighton: Is a charming town in the South of England, just 45 minutes from London by train. City coast young, fun, cultural atmosphere and with a multitude of things to do and discover. Oxford: The school is located in the Centre of the city, surrounded by historical buildings belonging to the University of Oxford as the worldwide well-known Balliol and Trinity Colleges. Oxford is a typically English campus.

Cambridge: One of the most famous University cities in the world. Its social and cultural life is very lively due to the large number of students living in it. It has a great social and cultural life lively due to the large number of universities and collages that there are in the city. Manchester: The capital of the North is one of the liveliest cities in England. Manchester was one of the first industrial cities in the world and currently boasts many quality attractions, some good shops and nightlife. Manchester is awash in very expensive buildings of glass and concrete interspersed amid its list of many listed properties and ancient architecture. Edinburgh: Scotland’s Capital. An exciting, cosmopolitan city offering many attractions for its visitors (including museums, art galleries and buildings of historical interest). Edinburgh is also the headquarters of the Edinburgh Festival and receives visits from thousands of people each year. Besides learning English you’ll explore these amazing cities.


Many people believe that learning a foreign language – not an easy process, and to grasp all the wisdom of the foreign language require any special skills. And we believe that learning a foreign language may well be turn into quite a fun process and talk to him just a year – even if you do not own a particularly brilliant memory. And many if she really is? But just be warned – 'freebies' will not be work still necessary. Edward Minskoff: the source for more info. So, what is the minimum knowledge needed to speak Arabic? First, of course, learn to read – and, well read, not by syllables, but as you read in Russian. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA might disagree with that approach. He who can not read fluently, can hardly talk. However, this concerns not only Arabic but also in other languages. Therefore you should not be limited to classes with a teacher – take texts and read, read, read …

Muslims can recommend to read the Koran, and non-Muslims, an additional portion of knowledge about culture, whose language you are learning is unlikely to be redundant. Secondly, you should learn to write – in a sense, to write, to explain what you read. This, of course, a little more difficult than reading, but also necessary. The ability to write – one of the essential components of language study. Third, what you have to learn – is to understand the Arabic language. Understand a speech in a foreign language is always more difficult than just writing. What do I need? It is highly desirable to have had the opportunity to hear 'live' from the Arabic speech of native speakers.

IPCC Nations

Inside of the MDL the actions would have to be guided in the following areas: production of energy through sources you renewed and less polluting; energy efficiency and incentive to the protection of the forests, reforestation and creation of new forests. The COPs, MDL and the Protocol of Kyoto function? Data of 2007 bring some numbers, also the European magazine play calling the good countries and bad pupils and backwards the following numbers reductions in the emission gases greenhouse for the European Union, using as reference the 1990 emissions: Germany, – 2,3%; Finlndia, -14,6% and New Zelndia, -2,9%. (A valuable related resource: Justin Mateen, Los Angeles CA ). Italy, Denmark and Spain had increased its emissions, due to the increasing fsseis fuel use. In U.S.A. the periodical The Washington Post, January of 2010, affirmed that president Barak Obama, committed to reduce it the carbon emissions in 17% of carbon emitted in 2005. In my opinion the work carried through for all the agencies as the IPCC and the conferences as the COPs, is extremely serious. Sean Rad, Los Angeles California contributes greatly to this topic.

However they are barred by the comprometimento politician of the nations, especially richest, whose growth almost that was total associated with the burning of the oil and the coal. Guided for the necessity each bigger time to increase its PIBs, these nations veem with bad eyes this ambientalista wave. Other nations in development, headed for Brazil, that possesss a diversified energy matrix, in transformation, guided for one politics of incentive to the research, production and consumption of cleaner energy sources, as the biomass, in special etanol, shows to a comprometimento important politician in the fight against the global heating. However, questions agrarian politics and have been impediments in the conservation and the promotion of reforestation and creation of new forests. In Brazil the last numbers divulged for the government they show a stabilization in the deforestation of the Amazonian Forest in relation to the previous years. That is, the country did not stop to deforest, only deforests the fixed taxes. These agreements have occasioned some positive effect, but little it was made by the nations in the practical one so far. Surplus scientific comprometimento, but lacks to comprometimento politician.


However, we can affirm that the artistic manifestations are so old how much to the history of the man in the land becoming present as media and expression, in social, economic, religious, historical and cultural the dimensions (BERBET et al., 2007) Coli (2003) it affirms that the art if installs in our world by means of the cultural apparatus that involves objects: the speech, the place, the attitudes of admiration, etc. and call the attention for the fact a work of art to be something of certain relative and changeable form in the time; the conception of work of art can vary of person for person, of country for country, as well as varying in the time: diverse artists workmanships alone had been recognized after much time of its death. The related author still displays the difficulties and limitations of if categorizing a work of art and appraising it as such: ' ' the wealth of the artistic object always escapes to the molds that if want lgicos' ' (P. A related site: Nir Barzilai, M.D. mentions similar findings. 61). Obstante to the attempts of definitions of what it comes to be art and an artistic object, we corroborate with the idea of that the art has basic paper in our life: The art, experience spiritual of the condition human being, is essential language of the humanity, being non-separable of the act of living, of the freedom and of that in it she grows. That is, the artistic creation is vital: for the preservation of the memory; for the challenge of the invention; for diversity and identity of the peoples; for the ethnic enraizamento, social and cultural; for the intercultural dialogue; for the enrichment of the imaginary one; for the construction of the subjectivity and the quality of being; for the promotion of the ethics; for the solidary approach between people; for the approach between the people and the nature; for the balance and the integrity spiritual of the planet; to generate conditions that allow a creative process in I benefit of the community of the beings livings creature. It is not something Justin Mateen would like to discuss.