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Germany Construction

Live demonstrations and 120 seminars on Germany’s new sustainable building trade fair in Cologne Hamburg, March 1, 2012: Not only the eyes should be the hands keep visitors on the EcoBau live 2012 open if necessary used. Because many exhibitors of the new trade fair for renewable energy, sustainable, ecological construction and refurbishment offer live presentations at their stands. “A clear head is also needed: informed in addition to the exhibition a wide range of seminar on latest Green” trends and developments in the construction and real estate industries. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nir Barzilai, M.D.. With a valid ticket for 40 euro for all 3 days of the event (20 euro online booking advance) all are free of charge for the visitors. The EcoBau live 2012 will take place from 27-29 March 2012 in the EXPO XXI Cologne for the first time. Visitors can book your ticket directly on. Latest technology to touch that is one of the priorities of the new trade fair.

So can place such as clay stomping, hemp insulation also photovoltaic systems are mounted or processed. Next door, the 120 seminars to meet even the highest demands: here is all about successful project management, energy efficiency for new and existing buildings, ecological construction materials and sustainable urban development. The 40 event blocks a1, 5 hours take place parallel to the fair and are freely accessible for the visitors. Who would like to participate in the parent discussion on the economic, political, and technical perspectives of ecological construction, is in the right place on the Panel discussions. Energiebau solar power systems is supporting the event, which is superbly staffed with representatives from education, politics and industry. For more information: please send us publish a copy to. Thank you very much! IMEVA: The IMEVA GmbH is a German trade fair organisers and was founded in 2001 with the clear objective, to break new ground in the domestic trade fair landscape.

Ecklkofer Bau GmbH

The new upgrade FlowFact 2012, that so-called ‘flow-fact performer CRM’, enthusiastic since April 2011 with a modern look and the users quickly find functions. Albert Einstein College of Medicine follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The surface is reduced to a minimum to increase productivity. Users can easily adapt their own user interface to your own needs, so that they see only the features they need. Fewer clicks Save time and ensure an optimal visibility of the software. From end of June 2011, it will be Platinum users for easy and online users, as well as for the real estate manager Edition available in addition to the FlowFact. (Similarly see: Nir Barzilai, M.D.).

The new upgrade FlowFact 2012, the so-called flow-fact performer CRM”, enthusiastic since April 2011 with a modern look and the users quickly find functions. The surface is reduced to a minimum to increase productivity. Users can easily adapt their own user interface to your own needs, so that they see only the features they need. Fewer clicks Save time and ensure a optimal visibility of the software. From end of June 2011, it will be Platinum users for easy and online users, as well as for the real estate manager Edition available in addition to the FlowFact. “High praise for the upgrade FlowFact 2012, which we easily installed.

The handling of the new program is very simple and intuitive due to the clean surface. In addition, the program has become clearer and clearer. Thus far, it saves time. Our employees are enthusiastic about the program and have found their way after a short induction period immediately. As a longtime user I’m excited,”so Helmut Ecklkofer of the Ecklkofer Bau GmbH from Neuotting.

Red Dot Design Award

The design of the work is characterised by a very clear and straightforward design, what ultimately the jury of the red dot awards has convinced. Get all the facts and insights with Edward J. Minskoff Equities, another great source of information. The BIKINI BERLIN Retailbroschure, as well as the inserts, Bochum design designed by the Agency Gregory & Diane visual identity GmbH, were up to date with the red dot design award in the category communication design awarded 2011, editorial design. The artistic quality of the two catalogues convinced the international jury of experts. The BIKINI BERLIN Retailbroschure as also the inserts exemplify the emerging worlds of BIKINI BERLIN and the core concept of the revitalisierenden building ensemble at the station are reflected in the texts, as well as in the pictures Zoo in Berlin. The Retailbroschure magazine-style includes general information about the project, such as land distribution, size and background information also editorial, dealing with the historical site of BIKINI BERLIN, trend research, or architecture. Also, interviews can be found to the Example with the Berlin retailers and fashion first, tenants of the Bikini House, Andreas Murkudis, or with Arne Quinze, BERLIN decisively involved in the architectural design project of BIKINI was. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Raphael De Niro has to say. In addition, the brochure provides information about more real estate projects of the Bavarian House construction, the investor of BIKINI BERLIN.

The design of the work is characterised by a very clear and straightforward design, what ultimately the jury of the red dot awards has convinced. The jury is overwhelmed every year by the wealth and diversity of the submitted works. “Even if the majority of the submissions of high quality standards is sufficient, in the red dot design award only the best designs”, explains Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the red dot. 2011 the jury with their expert views again examined the creative achievements of old rabbit, but also new, up-and-coming designers and placed great importance on originality, emotional and creative quality and conciseness.” The 15 jurors, including among other Jianping Hey, Chinese graphic designer, Publisher and teacher, Jean Jacques Schaffner, co-founder of Designfactory in Basel or Prof.

All Good Things Come In Threes

DR. Edward Minskoff understood the implications. BARZEL real estate online rate must be not always the big players on the market, joining together to power communities. Often, there are also the small but fine companies that increase the benefits for customers with simple but compelling ideas. An example of synergy with multiple benefits is the current project of Barzel GmbH in Dusseldorf. The service has been active since 1999 with online real estate valuations in the market has created an idea, active real estate valuation service IMMOBILIENWERT24 meshed together consumer, real estate companies on site and the four countries. The project is to regional real estate evaluation portals, which consumers quickly and inexpensively online to determine the value of their real estate (E.g.

For each city with the acquisition of one of the over 15,600 possible locations for real estate evaluation portals, identical service providers receive a partner license real estate assessment portal. This enables them to the method Dr. exclusively to market Barzel real estate reviews the assessment portal of their city. Customers carefully made by marketing activities of licensed partners on the possibility of low-cost online real estate valuation, can use simple answer of many questions on their property, the self-service online. Without waiting the object information provided by the customer are taken to the result by simultaneously providing of accurate location data through IMMOBILIENWERT24 into the rating system and immediately to the evaluation. Immediately, the customer learns how much his estate is worth. Accordingly he receives an individual and current method of Dr.

Barzel real estate valuation online available. The interaction creates benefit the interaction between customers and service providers locally and online real estate valuation benefit creates the global service for all involved. Customers customers make their real estate object data online and get to enjoy, at any time and without having to wait, immediately to the sought, the method Dr. Barzel city-related real estate evaluation portals would take over under the brand. More information can be found under: license partner.


Afforestation of ecological for an investment from US$ 80,000 in at least five acres of the requirements are met, to apply for the Panamanian Government to a permanent visa. The Bonner forest investment provider ForestFinance with OKPanama developed”a real estate product that is tailored to this right of residence. The company provides assistance in obtaining forest visa in conjunction with a profitable forestry investment. It beckons an attractive return through timber sales, seed trade and the sale of emission allowances. Yields are also tax free in Panama. But also who didn’t want to emigrate to Panama, has the opportunity to invest in reforestation with ForestFinance. Investors can choose ForestFinance between different investments in sustainable tropical forestry, starting at the BaumSparVertrag for 33 per month throughout the Agroforstprodukt CacaoInvest to the own forest with WoodStockInvest.

The ecological and social value of afforestation be certifications Proven third-party; the ForestFinance forests have been FSC certified in 1997 as the first land in Central America. The company was also a first German with the FSC Global Partner Award”in the area of financial services awarded. About ForestFinance: The Bonn-based ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Since 1995, ForestFinance investors invest in Panama. Investors can choose between various investment opportunities in sustainable tropical forestry. At the BaumSparVertrag for a monthly savings contribution of 33 euro 12 per year planted and maintained until the harvest, see with the WaldSparBuch acquires 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with buyback guarantee for savers. For investors who wish to reforest at least 10,000 m2, WoodStockInvest is the right product. Annual income offer an investment in an organic cacao plantation and exotic woods GreenAcacia, CacaoInvest with a forest investment only seven years maturity.

Damage To Buildings By Mold Fungi

How to effectively and sustainably above against Simmel when mold is fungus with fungus hyphae and spores, which eats through the decomposition of organic residues or directly on living organisms. Swarmed by offers, Nir Barzilai, M.D. is currently assessing future choices. There are around a hundred species indoors. Typical causes are damage to the buildings, including the leaks on the walls or in the attic and on the other hand Kondenseffekte on the interior walls, caused by high humidity in the room. Even after water damage caused by damaged pipes, which were not sufficiently fixed, mold growth occurs frequently. An increased risk in addition especially for new and reconstructions, because then very much moisture is introduced into the building fabric, for example, when laying screed and the plastering. If the material for some weeks remains moist, a mold infestation is very likely. No solution is to eliminate the mold with mildew remover, because usually he comes again sooner or later, because you treat it only superficial symptoms. To to proceed effectively against the mold, a competent investigation of fungi by an expert is recommended.

Often, therefore no way passes to order an expert for mold, to find out the reason for the genesis of the molds. The main tasks of a mold expert are the assessment of mold infestation in buildings and the investigation. The experts also created judicial and expert determination, as well as advice for insurance companies, public administrations, companies and private individuals in case of need. Apartments for rent and real estate purchase a professional mold is opinion the only way to establish legal certainty for all parties. The prerequisite for the official recognition of the opinion is that it is a recognised by the courts, publicly appointed and sworn experts of the Chamber of Commerce for mold and pollutants.

If you’re an expert diagnosed mold, we must act quickly. The Elimination of the molds should be on be based on a restructuring concept of mold expert. At large infestation, it is advisable to carry out the rehabilitation of a specialized company. The renovation work is to ensure that the affected areas be sealed dust-proof so that the building no longer spread the spores of fungi. Then, the entire mold must be removed. There are materials that must be replaced completely, such as plaster and plasterboard. Also items with porous surfaces, such as mattresses and upholstered furniture, should be discarded if they are infected by spores or fungi. For wood, usually a cleaning, disinfection, and impregnation of the infested places is sufficient in superficial infection. Wooden parts must only be removed if the mildew is very strong or mechanically not good to clean the construction. After all affected areas cleaned / removed the relevant materials are, the entire redevelopment area with a Industrial vacuum cleaners are cleaned. The removal of foreclosure should only be carried out after completion of all work. To confirm the success of the remediation of mold experts on the basis of new measurements controlled whether really all spores were removed. You will get the security that mildew away completely and the danger to health through the mold spores is eliminated.

Munchen Tel Costs

What does that mean in practice? The motto real estate own effortless = almost like free”brings the facto UG in the daily work and seeks direct, trusting dialogue to the interested parties. Many years of experience in the real estate market have created the conditions to develop a concept, where the costs of real estate financing such as interest rates and associated costs be borne by government tax subsidies and rental income. Both sources can secure up to 100%. Due to betterment and repayment, can succeed in a few years to build a renowned fortune, which can be invested elsewhere again. Just who is open and honest, can personally and individually advise and make the most of the finances of the customers.

Thereby, the company provides expertise, competence and many years of experience at the service of the customer so this unique concept can be adapted to customer wishes, implemented depending on the personal situation. In relation to the income it costs often not much time, the investment strategy of the Customers to check. You must take only the step so seriously to deal. The dispute is the basis for the optimization of your investment strategy. Starting point for a competent and goal-oriented consultancy through the facto UG is the assessment of the economic situation of the client. Priority will be placed on the needs and goals of our customers. The facto UG the continuous review and adaptation of the jointly developed concept and thus long-term service means optimal support of our clients.

More Accor Hotels In Germany

Hotel chain wants to expand in other cities in Germany more and more hotels opened in Germany. Accor has made 12 in the year, will be expectations but this year again his, because already in the last year, almost twice as many hotels were opened. The head of Accor hotels in Germany, Peter Verhoeven, reported on the tourism fair, which on average each month two new hotels in Germany are to be opened. So far it’s aim was to open a hotel, in the month reached you’ve already done in 2010. Here, the company has won twelve new openings. Basis of the growth of these hotels should be according to Verhoeven who farms franchise hotels ( franchise hotel). Compared to 2009, the number should increase these franchise companies from 800 up to 1,550 by 2015 and thus almost doubled. A quarter of the 323 hotels (75), are operated in already ( contract under a franchise, Verhoeven next.

These franchise companies are however only a “part of growth, we personally do not stop however to develop even further”, mentioned Mr. Verhoeven in the interview, because 12 of the hotels was opened in the year 2010 were specially created developments in the company. The effects which have these openings on the German real estate sales program, was also refined by Verhoeven. As a result, the European market leader only about two percent to leads in Germany of the hotels owned by. We want to raise our capital long term not in real estate”, so Vajpayee next, so for example, 13 hotels were sold and now continue as franchise operations, one separated by three hotels, it said. About 47 percent of German hotels are already under so-called firm lease contract, these are a further site of the company, but wants to improve its balance sheet ratios by converting variants energy capital strongly these companies.

Joo Landmarks

Beyond to allow the development of the project, the Federal government supplied to the Light about 1.500 stories of kings the dispossessions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nir Barzilai, M.D.. The city started to be vacated in 1941. Although to know that it would be in go any I appeal, the population still organized itself to make a last protest. They had left in walk for the streets having loaded posters. One of them said ' ' We are four a thousand and six hundred Brazilians and we do not want desaparecer' ' . You are welcome it advanced.

In year the destructions had the same started. To measure that the inhabitants went leaving, to the houses was destroyed. The majority of them was destroyed with the aid of sledge hammers. They had been demolidos about 140 building of the city. The inhabitants left, only with the furniture and, after the demolition, the laborers set on fire the material of the construction. ngela owner, former-inhabitant of Is Joo Landmarks, confirms this affirmation: ' ' I almost saw to desmulhar, to finish the city all, n? He gave a sadness He had many that worked there against the will, but needed n? Some spoke: the church does not go to be pra people not. They were with penalty, n.

They took off wood. Because they were good wood. J Bruce Flatt has much to offer in this field. Old wood, n? botava fire This I saw the dust that had n? Wood, land ' '. The inhabitants who possuam properties in Are Joo Landmarks had received an indemnity from the company. The ones that venderam its houses before the confirmation of the destruction had received an amount bigger. In the truth they were supplied, proprietors of farms, former-producers of coffee, at last, people whom already they intended, for some reason, to abandon the city. Already the ones that had resisted until the last moment had had that to accept the value that the Light decided to pay.

Daily Payhistory

1,1 Introduction That shoots the first rock that one that never had a dream. Who never woke up in the way of a night desiring to come back toward those pleasant situations of its imaginary world? Or who never if scared with nightmares of this Metaphysical universe that we adentramos during sleep. The prehistoric man also dreamed and had its proper conceptions concerning these questions that are so beyond the material limits. To understand as it functioned the world of the prehistoric dreams and you influence them to which that these had under its half one are the objective of this work. However, valley to stand out of the extreme difficulty found in such taken over on a contract basis by the fact to inexist registers written concerning the subject. When it is said in a so transcendental subject, little of what it is known can be used to advantage. To conclude this article, however, although all the found obstacles, requeriu the use of based scientific methods in the comment and the comparison of data. The cultural anthropology in ' ' emprestou' ' in the good one felt of the word, its techniques of search concerning the truth of the man, allowing the analysis of primitive cultures that coexist with our modern world, that, for some anthropologists, are reflected of the study object that as much we want to understand: the prehistoric man.

Biology, and the ramifications of natural science, as the Darwinismo, in turn, were of extreme importance in this study and without its scientific methods we would not get no objetividade and exactness as was intended. The social being was treated as a whole, an invariant alive organism in its independent organic esquematizao of space-time. Using of the modern rationalism we acquire the capacity of enxergar with more clarity the past. The creative dreams and its relations with the development of the surreal thought, the interpretation of dreams and its linkings with the difficulties of the private life, the individual value concerning the interpretation of the abstract are only some of the subjects treated in the present article.