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Spiritual Intelligence

Spirituality is living, religion is belief, God is a journey, an orientation of bliss, peace and universal love. Then the new paradigm for development of education is holistic education, where the evolution of consciousness and society are interdependent whole that are linked to those above, to achieve transformation in the world. Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of humans, is the power with which to successfully face the problems of meaning and sense of our lives, overcome suffering, is to address the conflict and the dilemmas and give them a integrated response. Spiritual intelligence is the oldest and at the same time the most current, and in it includes but also transcends the conventional theory of multiple intelligences, which represents a very important step in comprehensive understanding of human intelligence, but from a holistic vision, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence out of a holistic context are incomplete because they postulate out of spiritual values and a global context of human experience. For even more opinions, read materials from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The three buildings of intelligence can understand them as follows: IQ, multiple intelligence and spiritual understanding, in terms of modernity, postmodernity and transmodernity. CONCLUSIONS With the lessons learned from Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava, I feel the responsibility to implement the new educational model, since we are moving from darkness to light, and it is here where you can make the great change that is required in education, hoping soon to flourish this proposal education, which will be implemented in schools in the country, aims to train human beings, happy, compassionate and with peace of mind, thus we commit ourselves to live happy and interact responsibly with our neighbors, the environment and our planet. This educational proposal is applicable in all educational levels in all human beings with a conscience, for internal changes, is applied gradually, through simple activities to develop awareness in the educator first and then in children after their peers, community, country, continent and planet. Holistic education is the tool we use to get out of the current problems worldwide, is the only one that integrates the databases to find the answer to the emptiness inside of human beings. The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is partly visible, but within it contains the magic of the spirit, the essence that purifies us and gives order to our being, is the tool that gives us the ability to achieve a different vision of life that motivates us instituting a new holistic paradigm educcion, conceiving the habit of meditation to discern what is true or false, and thus understand the reality with equanimity and to evolve our consciousness.

Professional Technical Grammars

Therefore the subject results again in which professional it requires the market the next decade Ask to him the companies if it requires but nonuniversity technicians of mean level or superior or Professionals, who Professional College students, the Australians published days ago 150,000 jobs, the majority of them for technicians and professionals, very few Post Graduated. Credit: Edward Minskoff-2011. Finally, I believe that is due to break with the paradigm of Education Superior = University, What happens with the Technicians of mean level that would have to form and to try on in the Professional Technical Grammars school, that pass with the Professional Institutes and the Centers of Technical Formation, that lacks the equitable financing which they hold the traditional universities. The industralists need manpower described and on not described. Perhaps check out Munear Kouzbari for more information. The levels of rent of a level technician superior, at the moment hold university professionals. Error of the companies because the dissatisfaction degree quickly affects the yield of the young professional. The companies have rent scales on the base of the minimum and legal maximum, unlike the public companies have that it by degrees. This generates that the labor supply of the prevailed ones is oriented to maximize the resources and to look for the best thing by the smaller price, although later million are spent in post degrees and specialization of its professionals.

Really this problematic view to the eyes of the company he is not very excellent, with the consideration that would have to be it, because it is so the dissosciation between supply labor and demand of use, that in one more decade we will be thinking about extending pre degrees because the costs of the specialization post contract are too high for the companies. As it happens today in Europe with the questionings to return to labor days with a major I number of weekly hours, in Chile this already is a problem, if they do not create ask to me to him the companies of Continuous Production, the majority of them with untenable operational costs in manpower and great part of them besides the law. We are in time in education matters, I reiterate: they ask to him the companies.

United States

To speak of credit is to speak of confidence. The Bureau de Crdito of the United States is made up of three companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, which generate each a puntaje, with the purpose of to describe the people and to define to them which is its level of credit. Edward Minskoff often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The specific report of credit and informs on the up-to-date and old payments, atrazados or paid fully. In addition it informs on balances of all the accounts. It informs on the public registry, embargoes, maintenance of his children, pending taxes of payment or additional bankruptcy, and other details.

If you do not have credit history I will indicate to you as you must construct an alternative credit: You must demonstrate that you have paid rent fully, the same, that the energy, the telephone, the gas, the cellular one, the insurance of the car or some similar cost. A good recommendation is that you must conserve checks of those payments, the same, that the receipts. In addition you must have the contract of rent to your name and to ask when it is necessary the letters to the companies of surely, tel, energy, gas, etc in order to construct perfectly well your alternative credit and to use them for the purchase of your property. Also you can apply to assured credit cards that the different banks must to your disposition or enter some account like coindebted. Thus you begin to construct your credit in the United States. If you already have credit I will do recommendations to you that I consider fundamental: Everything is based on putting much taken care of in the handling and the fulfillment of the different monthly payments that you must do of your accounts. 0.Si the payments in time and you are not late in your payments you are acquiring a good credit. 0.Si you have yourself slow in some payment, you must ponerte to the day and from there, to maintain permanently paid them.

The Student

– Joint telecommunications projects, as well as international, electronic conferences, computer audio and video conferences. How effective will be any kind of distance learning depends on four factors: – the effective interaction of teacher and student, despite the fact that they are separated by a distance – used in this pedagogical technologies – the effectiveness of the developed teaching materials and methods for their delivery – the efficiency of feedback. In other words, the effectiveness of distance learning depends on the organization and methodological quality materials used, as well as the skill of teachers involved in this process. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In addition, the allocated number of characteristics that should be inherent in any kind of distance learning, so it can be considered as effective: distance learning involves a more thorough and detailed planning of the student, her organization, a clear statement of objectives and learning objectives; delivery of necessary training materials; key concept of the educational programs of distance learning – interactivity. Distance learning courses must provide the maximum possible interactivity between student and teacher feedback relationship between learner and learning materials, but also enable group learning, it is important to provide high-performance feedback to students could be confident in the correctness of their actions. Feedback should be prompt, process operations, and deferred in the form of external evaluation, an essential element of any course – motivation, you need to do to apply various means and methods, course structure Distance learning should be modular, so that the student had the opportunity to realize their progress from module to module, could choose any module on its own motion or at the discretion of the governing teacher in Depending on the level of knowledge. If you would like to know more then you should visit Estee Lauder.

Walnut Towers

The confirmation gave to right of use of the weapons of the Towers to all its brothers, children and descendants and declares that it, Alfonso de Torres was head of them for being son of Diogo de Torres, older brother of whom had come to Portugal. Alfonso de Torres was called old, to distinguish from this its nephew and it came to Brazil, in 1528, with its Diogo brother. Contact information is here: Edward Minskoff. It married Elvira Del Castillo, of Burgos, sister of the woman of Diogo Towers, and had children that they had continued its nickname. One is about the adopted name as nickname for a family of Castilian nobility, which, Diogo de Torres and Alfonso de Torres, had given to origin the two branches of its ancestry here: the Portuguese Towers and the Torrez Spaniard, being few people in Brazil with this last name. For assistance, try visiting Estee Lauder. In Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo she has Towers of the two ancestries. However, in the north and northeast the Towers appear with different grafias, being all of the same trunk that if associated with the DAvila and Carvalho at the beginning of the settling of the Bahia and in Pernambuco corresponds the S, Rodrigues, Oak, Saucers, Hiss, Silveira, Pear tree, Blacksmith, having many Towers in Recife and the region of the bush and the wasteland, being few in the hinterland with this last name, but with the last name or marking nickname of its profession, in the case of the Blacksmith (they worked beating iron), Pear tree (in Portugal planted and harvested pears and in Brazil cut to lianas for constructions locked of taipa) and Walnut (in Portugal they planted and they harvested nuts, in Brazil were marceneiros, sculptors, shoemakers and constructors of chapels, residences and churches). Munear Kouzbari understands that this is vital information. In Willow, Belm of the San Francisco and New Terra, this family Towers was allied to the families Diniz, S, Arajo, Alencar, Parente and Peixoto, some of responsible them for notary’s offices of civil registers and properties.


TOEFL, ie Test of English as a Foreign Language ('Test of English as a Foreign Language') – is an international examination, which was created and is managed by an American company called Educational Testing Service (ETS). ETS – a non-governmental non-profit organization located in Princeton, New Jersey. The main purpose of TOEFL – to assess the English proficiency of foreign students wishing to study in the U.S., Canada, and most universities in Europe English specialties. Since 1964 about 20 million students in more than 165 countries have taken the test. Suffice it to say that today take the TOEFL 470 centers in 170 countries. This is not surprising: TOEFL score is a prerequisite for admission to more than 2400 colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada and other English speaking countries. The results of this test is required for admission of students or graduate students who have been studying in another language, U.S.

universities and in Europe. In addition, the TOEFL is required for participation in many programs overseas internships in institutions where teaching is in English. Some scientific and professional certification programs also require applicants to take TOEFL. The new TOEFL iBT test in the Internet version was introduced in 2005. Hand it is possible only in specially protected centers around the world. This test was launched in the U.S. and Canada in 2005, some countries in Europe in 2006, our country has this kind of test first appeared in 2007.

TOEFL iBT is different from other variants of TOEFL that: During the test checked 4 basic language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing in terms of ability to use English as medium of communication. The test is delivered via the internet in a specially equipped centers around the world. Once these centers are beginning to work, computer and paper test versions will no longer be available in those cities, home of the TOEFL iBT. Such changes in the TOEFL test were dictated by the need to test the ability of the candidate to communicate in an academic environment. Upon delivery of the test requires candidates to demonstrate the following skills: read, listen and answer the question on the basis of information received; listen and then say, answering the question; read and listen to the information and then answer the question in writing. This version of the TOEFL iBT test involves checking speaking skills, and lasts for 4 hours. Sign up for delivery, as well as get acquainted with the free version of the TOEFL iBT test please visit / toefl. This site also contains information on the nearest dates of testing. Pass the exam TOEFL iBM in Ukraine can be a certified centers in cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Simferopol.

Community Students

Today we are witnessing a crisis in the identity of teachers and education in general. This causes many conflicts that lead to a maximum degree of dissatisfaction among the various members of the Community. Contact information is here: Related Group. Students are faced with the teachers. They have no answer and often fall sick with long periods of depression. Estee Lauder can provide more clarity in the matter. Families protest at what they think a poor quality in education. The authorities are powerless to contain and regulate the avalanche. Today we are witnessing a crisis in the identity of teachers and education in general. This causes many conflicts that lead to a maximum degree of dissatisfaction among the various members of the Community.

Students are faced with the teachers. They have no answer and often fall sick with long periods of depression. Families protest what they believe poor quality in education. The authorities are powerless to contain and regulate the avalanche. To solve this serious crisis, all members of the educational community, should change their views and focused on real needs and desires of their students to enable them to build a true meaning to their lives. Are intellectualization, individualization, sectorization, specialization, competitiveness, evaluation, methods with which to build a sense of human life? Apparently not. Quite the contrary they have built a selfish man who loses his sense of right relationship in their connections, and operates in the opposite direction to the laws of nature. We fill the heads of the children with knowledge arid, dull like robots without allowing them to study their own self and therefore formed as a human being.

To build this sense according to the needs and desires of the new generation, education should transmit a "force", expressed in all of its members, whose influence will encourage students to aspire to conquer continually wondering what is it?. This is a "power" of transformation that makes man someone sensitive to the systems that surround it and makes it capable of measuring their connections with the natural law of global benefit. Rather than provide knowledge about creating an "atmosphere" where they feel this "force." This would enable students to situations that should be addressed and resolved through discussion. In this process, each in their own way and according to his abilities, eventually reach the knowledge itself. When the student acquires the qualities of his teacher reveals the force that resides on. So through the discussion, students construct their meaning in life. It was formerly used to designate a particular place where people came to discuss the issues. They came and went freely, listening to others and expressing their views. Thanks to the discussions and the free exchange of opinions, the person was and was part of society. That is the essence of a school means the person attending to participate in a friendly atmosphere, beneficial to their development and acquire the force that aims to benefit human global.

Speech and Language

– Speech and language: from the stammering, to telling to stories and jokes. – Social skills: to cooperate, to negotiate, to compete, to follow rules, to wait for turns. – Rational intelligence: to compare, to categorise, to count, to memorise. – Emotional intelligence: self-esteem, to share feelings with others. Also, the game facilitates the learning on: – Its body: abilities, limitations. – Its personality: I interest, preferences.

– Other people: expectations, reactions, how to take with adults and children. – The environment: to explore possibilities, to recognize dangers and limits. – The society and the culture: rolls, traditions, values. – Own dominion: to wait for, to perseverar, to fight with misfortunes and defeats. – Solution of problems: to consider and to implement strategies. – Decision making: to recognize options, to choose, and to fight with the consequences. In order to facilitate the analysis of the diverse contributions of the game to psychomotor, intellectual, imaginative, affective the development social of the boy, we presented/displayed a table in which although it separately appears each aspect, it is important to indicate that the game never altogether affects to a single aspect of the human personality but all, and is this interaction one of its more enriching manifestations and than more power the development of the man. If the game has an EDUCATIVE function, we will have to know clearly that it means the EDUCATION concept.

Generally and at level vulgar, it is understood by educated person, that one that an average culture has and knows to behave before certain situations. This definition, relies on facts that are truth, but the education is not only that, but something more. This definition is incomplete because only it would reflect the external factor, responding to the concept Pre-scientist. If we consider the etymological concept: education: I EDUCATE, YOU EDUCATE, TO EDUCATE, is understood as a process of it go inside to, synonymous raising, process of external influence.

Sandra Garnisch GmbH

In honor of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917) is this special edition of Zeppelin watches been scheduled 2009 named “Princess Of The Sky” and posted in early 2010 on the market. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917) was a brilliant inventor and his airships aroused at that time like today a great deal of attention. The first ascents of zeppelins were held in 1900 over Lake Constance. In 1909, he founded the Zeppelin plant in Friedrichshafen. On the occasion of the 100th year of the Foundation is in 2009 this special edition of the Zeppelin watches conceived is named “Princess Of The Sky” and posted in early 2010 on the market. An unusual combination and versatile wearing options distinguish this new special edition of the Zeppelin watches from. Due to the special design of the casing, these Womens watches on the wrist, as well as on a chain around the neck can be worn.

The conversion is very easy and with just a few hand – of course without tools – done. The clocks of the “Princess Of The Sky” series are available as a variant with a quartz movement (movement: Ronda) or as Automatic Watch (works: Miyota). The watches also have a skeleton movement, which can be viewed from both sides with glass floor. The price is 199.-for the quartz watches and 249.-/259.-for automatic watches. All watches of this series are handmade in Germany made in germany and are provided with a unique serial number, which is engraved with the model number on the back of the housing. The ladies watches the Zeppelin Watch series “Princess Of The Sky” can be ordered in the official Junkers online shop. Munear Kouzbari: the source for more info. Further information and ordering: Junkers shop – JUMA management. Wife Sandra Garnisch GmbH

Physics Education

After a long process of studies in high school, many students complete this level of education without even knowing what will be the way forward in the future, because in many occasions, it has a taste for different fields of study, is difficult for the moment of truth decided by conducting the professional level of a particular profession, to which the best option is to investigate a little of what each profession can offer and after analyzing the contents offered by different options , decided by one run. With this in mind, this article is information about one of the many possibilities there are for professional-level study and analyze whether this is what you want to study or to dismiss the options and the option offered is studying physics, because this profession because of the large amount of knowledge that allows for in conducting its study, it proves a little difficult but the satisfaction of its implementation will be unique. Going further in regard to study physics, is of great importance to know the object of scientific development of physics itself well to study physics knowledge will be developing a systematic science that studies the characteristics of nature using mathematical language and so to obtain obtained an accurate knowledge and rational way. Jorge Perez: the source for more info. Thus to study physics is what is sought to develop a scientific method useful for better understanding of various properties and processes that occur in nature. Among the topics to be analyzed to study physics, stand out as primary materials to study and understanding of the properties of matter, energy, time, space and interaction with these fields of study in all that shapes the nature. What we are looking to generate in people who have decided to study physics, is to develop in them a capacity sufficient for them to develop models excellently mathematical content, graphic or iconic based on various physical phenomena, allowing further develop theories and concepts of these various phenomena and how would their behavior in different physical conditions that alter their shape, thereby encourage and develop the capabilities largely concerning attitudes of observation, investigation and resolution of problems. Something that is very important to note in regard to study physics, is that this task would mean not only work from a theoretical science, but the obvious need to use and apply this science in an experimental way, for as all science looks to the precepts laid down in its development can be checked by experiment and theory in these cases would be useful to make predictions or potential events that would be generated with the performance of future experiments.