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Will Fill Up Diesel For 0.48 EURO Per Liter

Members are diesel producers and make yourself independent of the public gas stations. The litre price for diesel is Berlin currently 0.48 gross, 05.04.2010 green energy is booming: protecting the climate, creates jobs, and independent from oil and gas. Now, even the energy companies want to invest billions to bring power from the Sahara to Europe. As regards diesel fuel for heating or motors, is today already much easier. The growing interest in alternatives, such as for example the merger in energy co-operatives shows that more and more medium-sized companies want to become less dependent on oil and gas. An example is the CEHATROL fuel EC from Berlin. Here, the members are their own diesel producers.

Will be four facilities in Brandenburg, Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania of the high-quality diesel fuel obtained from biomass CEHATROL. CEHATROL, the DIN EN 590 produced, differs fundamentally from conventional biodiesel. CEHATROL can also block heat and power plants used as the refuelling of motor vehicles and can be mixed with conventional diesel. To do so, Board Frank Knauer: for any company that needs more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg may want EC. And in addition to the independence from fossil energy, another unbeatable advantage is planning security at the price of fuel, because due to the statutory exemption is litre price from 0, 48 EUR / lgarantiert for Genossenschaftsmitgliederbis 2015ein. Putting a current price of 1,259 EUR / l at the petrol station in the relationship, an annual return of 25.96% on the paid-up shares of the cooperative results. Who can say there is no.” For more information, Helmut Uhlig

Swarovski Bracelets Are The Perfect Gift

Swarovski bracelets in different colors as a Christmas gift no longer very long and our beautiful Christmas is coming up again. Every year you wonder anew what you should give his loved ones. A guarantee of enthusiasm is mostly jewelry. But what exactly? Nowadays, you can get almost anywhere fashion jewelry to buy. Fancy stuff, classic, colorful, subtle, chains, earrings, rings, bracelets. Chains are not for everyone, because they can disrupt just in the job, if they are, for example, too long and always against the desk hit when moving. Not everyone tolerates earrings and also here the question is short, long earrings or plugs.

Rings are difficult to give away just because of the size. The unverfanglichste gift is a bracelet. Almost every woman like rhinestone glitter, but a bracelet set with brilliants and diamonds is not suited to all budgets. What fits there better in the budget are Swarovski bracelets. Not necessarily, but the company and brand Swarovski bracelets Fashion jewelry bracelets, stones were used in the manufacture of Swarovski. Almost in every price category, there is this kind of arm jewelry, also of wide and striking up plain and simple everything is offered. If you’d like to play it safe you can give a very simple bracelet of the boiler, here a summary Swarovski stone on the other joins. There are also vin the stone sizes very small rock. You can now highlight the simplicity of this piece of jewelry by searching for stones, which are black diamond quite subtly in color, for example Crystal, or golden shadow, or but one chooses bright, flashy colors we indicolite, blue zircon, fuchsia or peridot, of course, you can mix the colors also with each other. So there is something for all tastes and budgets. You can get the bracelets from various companies in corresponding specialty shops or even in good online stores, where you usually individually can put together the colors to.

Endst. Brasil – Intro

Terminus Brasil – passages from Cape. I had found a nice, furnished apartment in Torremolinos, in the province of Malaga in southern Spain for us 1 in April. From there it was out until to the beach just ten minutes I walk and that with cost Max, our small black mixed-breed dog, fully. Every morning two hours completed Beach run. It was lovely to watch the dog to romp around in the sand, because he loved the beach and the sea as well as I and did not fear even the high waves. I threw a stick in the water, he jumped eagerly and happily afterwards. Mostly I promised myself the luxury of then put me on the Beach Terrace, one of the many cafes on the promenade, drank a cup of coffee or two and enjoyed the view of the sea. And Michael lived quickly in the new environment and the new school and as everywhere, he found friends here very soon.

This time, so I was sure I would do everything right. Michael and I were always very closely related, and there was a confidential relationship between us. My son had no secrets from me. On the contrary. He was always very open to me and I always knew where he was. Clearly there were problems caused by puberty and and also dispute; but it happens even in the best families.

One was sure: I loved everything my son over and would always love him. For my son I would have done everything, just to keep him happy to see. That alone counted for me. For that reason alone, I overcame my disgust and tried to maintain a friendly relationship with Chris. Chris was my life companion and say Michael’s stepfather for nearly three years. And, Michael spent the weekends with him in El Palo, to maintain contact with his best friend Miguel. I drove him then on Friday evenings in the town 90 kilometres away, and brought him down Sunday evening. For me, it was always a return to a chapter, which was already completed: for three years the hell with Chris, a Nigerian, the life with fraud and international drug trafficking be funded, what but only I realized after we moved to a shared apartment. Despite everything, he’s been good to Michael and could put him boundaries when it was necessary. I had long planned the separation by Chris. Emotionally do anything more with it connected me and I felt only dislike for this man who systematically tried to destroy my life. When I was offered a job at a magazine editorial board in March, I took my chance and sought a new home for Michael and me. I wanted to have nothing to do with Chris dirty stores. Unfortunately, I kept this job not long, because the boss could not pay my salary, or wanted to.

CeBIT 2010: New Version Blue Ant 8.0

Visitors show interest in the new version of the project management software the Berlin software and consulting proventis GmbH was at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover the latest version of the Web-based multi project management software blue ant before. Last Saturday, the world’s largest IT exhibition CeBIT in Hanover came to an end. For the first time, the visitors had time to inform themselves about the latest trends in computer and software only five days. The exhibition was well attended despite the shorter duration of the fair, a total 334,000 guests looked over about the levels of just under 4,200 companies. Large crowds was also on the jurisdiction of proventis GmbH. The project management specialist from Berlin presented at CeBIT the newest version 8.0 of the multi project management software blue ant before. The ability to combine 8.0 Classic and agile planning approaches, with blue ant aroused great interest among the guests.

“Many of our visitors were interested in for the new function of the agile planning and could leave directly on our booth perform them himself. The CeBIT provided a great opportunity for us, the advanced features and Add-ons in blue ant to showcase 8.0 live, reports Norman Frischmuth, Managing Director of proventis GmbH. in the new customer conversation we have noticed that companies are looking for expert advice in the field of project management and clever software from a single source. We are pleased that our concept is so well received “, so Frischmuth next. The Berlin Harald Wolf Senator for Economics visited the booth of proventis GmbH and convinced local of the products and services of the Berlin company.

Relaunch In The Online Shop Of

New look, new products: The online printing is still varied Neustadt an der Aisch 03.03.2010 brings other print with colors, we print with passion\”, Ulrich Dietzel, customer consultants of onlineprinters GmbH, the motto of the online printing to the point. People behind the machines and no vending machines are available at the online printers. \”This means that we print itself and our competent team of professionals from the traditional printing industry knows its products. We have an own quality management and short distances from the order up to delivery. And if the customer wishes, there are also personal advice\”, Dietzel summarizes the characteristics of the online printing. Read more here: Avison Young. Relaunch brings even greater customer proximity In the wake of the relaunch, also the brand logos of onlineprinters GmbH got a more modern and clearer language of forms.

\”Our new appearance is sympathetic and signaled at the same time, clarity and Dynamics\”, explains managing director Walter Meyer. At the new website of is much emphasis on the transparency of the Company created. In the section \”about us\”, the team of onlineprinters GmbH presents itself. In the new, beautifully designed product selection, the customer receives all product-related information for flyers, brochures and full advertising systems on a click. Technical details, production and delivery times are available for each product and give quick answers to open questions. The final price of a desired range is immediately visible.

There is a menu point with detailed information about technical questions about the products and ordering available also for laymen. Who did had any experience with, may request the opinions of other customers in the independent evaluation portal of trusted shops, Europe’s market leader in the certification of online shops. \”Products, services, and services are publicly rated by our customers and are with us on the home page. We have 99 percent satisfied customers\”, says Managing Director Walter Meyer.

Success Bosnian Director Jasmila Zbanic, winner of the Golden bear in 2006, is with her new film in the competition the 60th Berlinale film “NA Putu various themes addressed by Bosnian Director Jasmila Zbanic, who ran in this year’s competition of the 60th Berlinale, such as the processing of trauma after the war and the changes of a torn society. The focus however is the study of a couple’s relationship. Luna, flight attendant played by Zrinka Cvitesic, the Croatian shooting star of the Berlinale 2010, is convincing and allied with the air traffic controllers Amar (Leon Lucev) for some time. Her fertility remained unfulfilled so far and also the drunkenness and the loss of jobs resulting from Amar straining the relationship. By the chance encounter with a former war comrades, the young man begins to change however. He is part of an orthodox Islamic community which sect on a Lake has withdrawn and there a pious way of life without television, mobile phone and Internet, and with strict gender segregation practiced. Luna is more than strange this new community and can identify with it in any way. Read additional details here: Cushman and Wakefield. Still, she sees also the positive change in her boyfriend, who has become much calmer and no longer drinks.

The film depicts a pair of facing challenges, if a partner suddenly developed in a different direction. How long can the others watch, without to change or to try to stop the partner? Karthigeyan change is very pronounced, so he mutated by the funny Schluckspecht to the serious Sinnierer by the Novi to the pious worshippers. Inevitably then arises the question whether love really is the only thing that matters in a relationship. “This somewhat simplistic embodies Amar, who continually return to Luna to tell her: I love you and you does not matter me everything else.” And if even hesitant, he tries to convince Luna from his new way of thinking yet: to dress in a more discreet, to legitimize their relationship through marriage etc. Luna remains true to himself, living their Muslim background only through traditions such as the sugar Festival in her family, and her grandmother, but she is increasingly confused by the changes and can defend difficult compared to others their own intuition. “As a full woman from stated community disguised them with their hatred of the West” it is bombed, mute, and as their friends Amar as wacky “call, she defends him. Unfortunately stated figure remains, wrapped, is difficult, what dark him to the bearded brothers”so fascinated and also the camp on Lake serves only the common prejudices about Muslims.

Also the changes in Bosnian society by the war remain too close to the surface and give the polarization of liberal West contra backward Islam too much space. All in all could have the history also a different background, to identify the challenges and difficulties of a modern couple relationship. So the history in the ranks of films about Islam falls this year on the numerous, Berlinale were represented, even if the Director wanted to make a film about their own society. MIA paradise

All-round Supplies

Deer travel offers research and telescope competent travel companion who would like to discover new worlds in his journey, away from tourist cliches, to immerse in culture, history and everyday life of the country or the city, should study or his summer vacation book soon his, advises the traditional tour operators deer travel. Preferred cities, tourist destinations and bestselling travel are usually strong demand and the quotas awarded quickly. Especially in spring and autumn. If you would like to book a trip, applies: early book, the best until the of March of end, to get what is desired. : 2010 deer travel offers city tours and exotic depart in this season over 50 new or again click trips to choose from. Classics such as the short trip to Paris, and the wandering of the Montmartre district, as well as the final ride of lights, just as offered as adventurous explorers tours in foreign countries, for example, in the jungle to Colombia, the secret of the coffee on the track to come. IBI Group is a great source of information. Over 160 destinations mainly in Europe but also worldwide can be found in the range of the traditional family-owned company. Culture holidays a special focus of deer travel are the so-called culture holiday in addition to the diversity of the studies – cities -, hiking, River – and telescope.

This offer turns trip days with personal leisure. The entire holiday is an enjoyable meaningful and also relaxing experience. If you would like to explore in the Abruzzo mountain town of idyllic and unspoilt natural park, in Spain on the Costa de la Luz of the Royal Andalusian riding school visits or in Greece on the Peloponnese discovered the Mani peninsula seems almost inexhaustible range of culture and holiday and has become more and more in the 62 company increases. Competent tour guides competent tour guides are the be-all and end-all of successful cultural holidays and trips. Those who love travel to cultural treasures and architectural masterpieces, appreciate it, if accompanied by a competent Guide. She must be not only expert in the field, but to the travelers to pass on their knowledge well and understandable and the correct dose.

Deer travel places special emphasis on the suitability as a guide in selecting the cultural Ambassador of the country and carefully selects the appropriate people and characters. Customers can even, on the website of deer before their trip your personal travel agent to learn more about travel. TuV certified assessment deer travel offers not only in terms of supply and guide that certain something. The company has its customers with evaluation sheets for many decades on quality, a good price-performance ratio, as well as the satisfaction. Every traveller has the opportunity to look at the valuation of individual travels on the Internet. We are pleased to be published the traveler reviews of its customers on the Internet the first study trip organiser in Germany and the TuV! “, say the Managing Director Mathias and Andreas Hirsch. With the score obtained in the TuV certified process, customers without long reading or searching have a picture of how the journey has cut off in recent years. Deer travel is a travel company that was founded in 1948 as a family business and offers groups such as individual trips. Of the offer range River up to music – and long-haul travel studies – cities -, hiking -. Seat of the company is in Karlsruhe.

New Fancy Picture Frame At

New watch part of Mira are available now at the Berlin picture frames-shop a watch is in itself a simple commodity. Especially when the clock on the wall will be placed. The new picture frame clocks by Mira provide an innovative change in the reading of the time. That to make a picture frame with a clock combined, not very obvious at first glance. You but assumes that a frame is usually an eye-catcher, the combination of clock and picture frame will appear far less outlandish. Argent Venturess opinions are not widely known. The frame manufacturer Mira, which has its headquarters in the Swabian, already noticed in the industry with some innovations. Credit: Gensler San Francisco-2011.

Recently, Mira has unique photo albums in cooperation with gold book and frame created. Mira also for his Jersey frames, as well as for the puzzle picture frame that is extremely popular among Puzzle fans is known. At AllesRahmen, you always open faces new product ideas. So it was only logical to include the picture frame clocks by Mira in the extensive program. Even if the clock in the picture frame so far for many Customers still unknown products belongs to the advantages of the new series are quickly numbered. Reading the time can be upgraded with the connection of clock and frame. Every glance at the clock at the same time is a look at the favorite images that can be inserted in this context. The unusual picture frames also suitable as individual gift ideas for many occasions.

As a piece of furniture, a picture frame clock can loosen up the atmosphere. An originally very simple basic commodity is optically enhanced. A watch frame by Mira is an innovative frame idea which can be personalize with photos. Contact: artvera GmbH & co. KGKantstrasse 116 D-10627 Berlin phone: 030 / 31 51 74 3-0 (Mon-Fri 9:30 18:30) fax: 030 / 31 51 74 3-9 E-Mail: info at Internet: artvera GmbH & co. KG local court Charlottenburg HRA 42086 B personally liable partner: artvera Beteiligungs GmbH, Berlin, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 116621 B Managing Director: Detlef Winkelewski an online shop of the company of artvera GmbH & co. KG, formerly E.k.. Managing Director is Mr Detlef Winkelewski. It offered a very large selection of picture frames from many different manufacturers at an affordable price. The portfolio includes frame, wood frame, Baroque frame, plastic frame, photo frame, mat, and digital photo frame. Standard formats and custom-made orders are available.

White And Fruity: Somm-a-monk

The shokomonk summer varieties are again because while other manufacturers with their chocolate products take a summer break, the shokocrown GmbH to equal four with their shokomonk ties. Lime, apricot, Mandarin and summer mix in white chocolate are the four varieties that exist only during the summer at least in theory. Last year, there were these types of shokomonk for the first time. Specially designed for the enjoyment of chocolate in the summer. We have used deliberately white chocolate for the bars. She can be combined on one well with fruits. In a dark chocolate, there is the danger that the fruit covers the fine aromas of cocoa. On the other hand white chocolate with fruit just because of the strong flavors straight from the fridge out enjoy “, Kai Schauer, Managing Director of shokocrown GmbH explains.

But even at room temperature, the somm a monks are a delight. The only shortcoming: They are limited available. The four varieties: Apricot sweet sin in plumper two back on Form. The juicy meat of the apricot spreads fruity in a bed of white chocolate, to devoted to PLEASURING. And all this without fur. Lemon white chocolate with sour lemon pieces. Here, Mediterranean freshness meets creamy sweetness. And the only thing that distorts the face by 180, is the absolute joy.

The lucky crumbly directly through the mouth as contrary to the next bite. Mandarin orange’s little sister makes her family lives. She is small and sweet and fruity as really funny. Its incomparable refreshing capacity is too convincing to keep it closed until the fall in the dark Chamber. Summer mix a gustatorischer walk throug to the shokocrown GmbH: the shokocrown GmbH produces and distributes high-quality chocolate since 2006. In addition to chocolate and sugar-coated tablets, the chocolate bar “shokomonk” is the most important product of the young company from Konigswinter. 24 chocolates are in the range of bars, with each 4 summer and Christmas tie. Presented since January 2010 shokocrown 4 bolt with prominent support: actor and comedian Dirk Bach has the four types of bar star co-developed and presents the candy bar since then on the German market. The brand: The company logo, which shokomonk, is a monument to the monks, who discovered the uniqueness of the cocoa in the 16th century on travel in South America and brought him to Europe and to our all tongues. The goal: The shokocrown GmbH aims to make chocolate in premium quality an everyday lifestyle product with high recognition and identification value.


Significant growth and well-known new customers confirm strategy for making flexible, slim, and SME-appropriate business intelligence Reilingen, 18.02.2010 thanks to two-digit growth rates for sales and Reilinger BI and CPM provider can look back 2009 earnings, as well as 79 new clients on an exceptionally successful business year. The new business division of STAS convinces more and more companies and also the first released the early summer of ETL tool STAS CONTROL ETL powered by Talend has been installed over 50 times already. Our significant growth proves the importance of BI and CPM solutions that are tailored to the needs of SMEs in the crisis year of 2009. While other providers spoke out redundancies, we have 2009 increased our headcount and expanded even the Office building on the site Reilingen\”, says Uwe Schulze, Managing Director of the company. Of course, the great commitment of our employees has played a key role, that we us so successful could develop. I would like to thank all therefore all ladies and gentlemen.\” Small companies as well as medium-sized family farms and more and more international corporations are among the numerous new customers thanks to the scalability of STAS CONTROL your BI solution and the width of the portfolio.

2009 including Beate Uhse AG, Concorde Reisemobile GmbH, Flex Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, KYOCERA Fineceramics GmbH, opted the marker Germany GmbH (K2, Volkl), STEINEL Group standards to AG, ULDO Backmittel GmbH, as well as the Volksbank Dusseldorf Neuss EC for cooperation with the STAS GmbH. Internationally the badische BI specialist is always successful. In addition to degrees in DOMOFERM GmbH and UniCredit Leasing GmbH in Austria STAS garnered the first new customers from the Netherlands based on the international version of STAS CONTROL, which was launched in the autumn on the market, with Moonen packaging. Buoyancy was also the international award by IBM; STAS was awarded the IBM information management innovation award in the Business intelligence & performance management EMEA innovative solution 2009 category.