There are so many beautiful beaches and Golden in the whole planet that a complicated task is choose one of them and find cheap hotels for a holiday. To shake off the sadness of winter and cold, some of these unique beaches could be a good alternative. You may think that a purple sand beach is a major tourist attraction, especially if it is located in the always sunny Californian state. However, apart from the resident southerners, there many who are aware of the existence of Pfeiffer beach. The unusual coloration of the sand comes from descendants manganese particles from the slopes of the hills to the ocean. For those looking for peace and quiet (and purple sand) Beach Pfeiffer seems a good proposal.

When it comes to beaches, there is a better combination that sand salmon and turquoise water. That is precisely what happens in Playa Rosa, in the Bahamas. This three-mile long beach and sand pink, it is considered one of the most impressive in the world. In this case, the color of the sand It is a mixture of very fine golden sand with powdered coral and shells. This so pleasantly strange appearance has earned it the reputation of best beach in the world on several occasions. And it is by his popularity and unusual beauty that is regularly visited by tourists from all over the world, who make reservations online with a lot of anticipation to ensure a place in this paradise.

Hyams, in Australia, beach 3 hours from Sydney. It is one of the most popular in Australia and, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the beach with more white sand in the world. Possibly Hyams beach is the only place on Earth where you can see kangaroos jumping over sand color ivory. In this white oasis can also perform other activities of recreation, such as jet skiing, diving and see whales and dolphins. Definitely worth making accommodation bookings to visit Hyams beach during the upcoming holidays. East of the big island in Hawaii, lies Beach Punalu. Its black sand makes it an unavoidable destination for those who have made your hotel reservation and are prepared to visit Hawaii. Sand dye originates in remnants of lava poured into the ocean and cooled quickly. The residents are well aware of the charm of beach Punalu and it is therefore ask tourists to not carry sand as a souvenir. Original author and source of the article.

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