Alexander Kurz Real Estate

IMMORO is a trademark of Alexander Kurz real estate group. The IMMORO magazine is printed it quarterly with a circulation of 5000 copies. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kim Jones. Now, IMMORO wants to bring out a new real estate magazine under the name “New living” real estate. The magazine has already about 250 pre-orders and will appear in the middle of the year for the first time. Not only new customers for residential real estate, but also the audience should be impressed with a circulation of 4000 copies in the first printing. Managing Director of the company IMMORO wants real estate Mr.

Alexander Kurz with the new magazine offer not only existing real estate objects and offers to present but other brokerage firms that offer. Also, a brokerage firm should be presented and awarded for the best brokerage in each issue. Magazine to be sold with a protection fee by 3.-in the trade “New living”. The print advertisements for commercial providers is calculated according to square centimeter, a square centimeter advertising space is with a euro VAT is calculated. Inquiries can be made by email.

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