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The evaluations carried out anonymously at the end of the training show that participants disappoint on positive results. The feedback of the 26 participants in 2007, the signed are now proud owners of two certificates – the NLP diploma directly from Richard Bandler and cmore certificate, the content of the id may call LOOPs certified, confirmed success theory of van Dyck: the competence in the communicative range has increased to 69,48% and 80.50%, the quality of life generally to 78,75% improved which and confidence, opportunities have increased 68,75%. Among the graduates the appreciation has improved compared to other people and worlds to 95.2% and they can deal better with other 81.67%. Further results see. The id LOOP since 2002 developing Yvonne van Dyck the id loop.

The id’ loop provides coaches, executives, managers, educators, creative, often, parents, coaches, etc. additional perspectives to the development dynamics of individuals, teams and organizations analyze. With these impulses, the logic behind seeming sometimes illogical or chaotic behavior is transparent and clear relationships. New options open up and give them manoeuvrability in strategic and tactical decisions that lead to appreciative communication and win win win situations. Everything begins with the id and id n evolve dynamically, so how the development of markets, technologies and expertise significantly accelerates”, explains van Dyck holder not only key positions must therefore decide in complex situations more and act faster. Just who can go human motives to the bottom, is able, themselves, teams and organisations to make enough flexible and efficient to control.” Also Dr. rer.pol.

Jan Wessel, doctor of Economics and social sciences, confirms the success with id’ loop : the id ‘ loop is the ideal Instrument to analyze complex, dynamic developments in the economic and social sectors, to assess, and on this basis to bring about positive changes. It leaves their biological, psychological, and social diversity of the people, it shows very specific development potential and is not people just just in drawers (and therefore just’s works also…).” Active support is Yvonne van Dyck before, during, and after the diploma program for the welfare of its participants especially close to the heart. It provides support in the form of discussion forums – recently, an own homepage exists ( – and constant support during graduate training. Also the Testival and the supervidierte peer group within the meaning of self-organised learning groups are included in the 180 training sessions. I accept no alibi theses ‘, which make no sense, the motto is quality before quantity! “, says the old Innviertlerin and mother of a 10 year old son. Also the institute is carrier of the adult seal id. This means even better funding for many participants, among them that of the Salzburg school vouchers. More information and photo material at: Yvonne van Dyck and Bernhard Leitgeb Tel. + 43 7742 61116 email:

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