Argentine Economic Growth

Last Monday, in the city of La Plata (capital of the most important province of Argentina), one could watch the police cars and ambulances, making long lines to get oil. Is that the fuel shortage has reached an extreme situation … . And to think that less than one year, the Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, prophesied that it would rain in Argentina diesel … Looking different elements of the economic reality of the country, I have the feeling that Argentina is running out of fuel for further growth. Clearly there are signs of a slowdown in the economy. More info: angelo zino. And the most pessimistic to dare to predict the arrival of the unwanted recession in the not too distant. I do not think it to much …

I do not think that Argentina will go straight into a recession … But I understand that the government should seriously evaluate the possibility of some changes in the economic course. Steffan Lehnhoff spoke with conviction. The acceleration of inflation, wage claims, energy issues and the fight between field and the government have frightened not only consumers but also businesses. A visible case presents the main chains of appliances that Argentina decided to eliminate 12 monthly payments without interest. Now only offer payments in six installments.

It seems that for these appliances chains, now 12 months in Argentina is too long. Some blame the effects of agricultural unemployment. Other while, as expected this result. The fact is that retail sales continue to fall and accumulate May the third consecutive month of declines.

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