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The right strategy for your repository in the current phase of the stock exchange: I get very many emails from readers who have gone from days, weeks and months now every day. All each time thought that this was the worst and have since 20, 30, 40, or even 90% suffered loss. You would not admit then also it is wrong again, and not sold. To do it then even worse where you start to hope, to think or to wait until the shares will rise again. That’s the worst thing you can do. The shareholders of Infineon or Deutsche Telekom are the best example, because you wait, wait, wait and wait. Never again you will again reach their highest peaks ever. Precisely for this reason must say goodbye to them, to hold individual shares for years in your portfolio. Rusty holzer spoke with conviction.

If I buy really some long-term ETFs on indexes would, then, because it is still reasonably OK! I would buy individual stocks but never in the long term. In the long term, I mean here a period of five years or more. Many investors buy bank stocks now, because read anywhere that it soon again much better going to the banks. But what happens when banks for years to come will achieve no yields more like in the past? Then, the bank stocks will no longer rise. Stop to look in the past and then expect that it will be in the future as well. This has never been the case and also my opinion will never be the case. Buying at the lowest price! Please make the mistake now to get angry, because you bought anything on Monday, to sell it with profit now also. No people (you don’t) manages to buy at the bottom and then to sell to the highest point.

Should you entered a stock be, noted now already 10% higher then make please a favor and forget selling not because before you know it, are probably already in the negative. I would strictly cover any custody position in your place with a stop price! I’ve already told you, that you must observe in these times that, by which issuers are your certificates. Already in the month of September it has caught many investors cold, you learned that their Lehmann brothers certificates are worthless. Please make sure. In plain text, this means if you have for example certificates of the ABC Bank (example) and setting it to a falling DAX, you can achieve so much profit. Your certificate is worthless, if for example the ABC Bank is broke and therefore the certificate can no longer pay off. On ETFs set for this reason or on multiple certificates provider. Also federal securities are used as an alternative in troubled times. For more information on day loan.

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