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Curious world firsts at the Paris Auto Salon in Paris present their automotive innovations currently until October 17, 300 manufacturers from over 20 countries. In addition to 20 European premieres in addition 52 world premieres will be seen. Contact information is here: MPC Capital AG. The vehicle Portal reported the news and trends of the automotive world. Lots of designs to see which Umsetzbarkeit may be seen probably quite as questionable are this year at the Paris Motor Show. The POP”from the House of KIA is a good example of this. The Korean zero emission car is equipped with lots of technology elements, who probably feel the driver, in a spaceship instead of sitting in the car of tomorrow. This impression is completed by the doors, which swing upwards, as well as through a windscreen, drawn over the whole front.

According to Europe KIA Chief Designer Peter Schreyer, the POP should certainly have in the future and represent not the next generation of car. In addition to such future utopias, which also many other manufacturers is present, seems a Another great theme being the electric mobility. The British carmaker mini presented for example the scooter concept. A study of electric scooters behind. The scooter with the electric drive especially for use in the town is intended.

The target group for such a vehicle should be environmentally conscious human beings first and foremost. Similar as in a conventional scooter rear wheel is powered directly. An electric motor is however used instead of an internal combustion engine. Lithium-ion batteries provide the energy required. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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