Benjamin Oesterling West

Global financial invest AG (GFI AG): ‘Attractive reference object’ GFI AG sold high-quality condo in Limburg a. d. Lahn, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in September 2010: Central and situated in the countryside just a few minutes from city centre, motorway junction and intercity express this is by global financial invest AG (GFI AG) three bedroom condo in Limburg sold a. d. Lahn.

The high-quality reference object has been disposed for 149.000 euro. The GFI AG preferred since always layers that have a large potential for development or long-term value have proven to be for real estate investments. This attractive condo was built in 1994 and has a floor space of 100 square meters. The three-room apartment is divided into apartment, corridor, kitchen, bath, living and dining room, bedroom, nursery and storage room. In addition, a garage belongs to the apartment according to the global financial invest AG. This reference object stands as an example for the substantially high quality Real estate offer of GFI AG and is recently for 149.000 euro have been sold on the apartment itself 141,000 euros accounted for and on the garage of 8,000 euros.

This reference object of the GFI AG sold the owner achieve rental income by 600 euros a month. Infrastructure and location are also beneficial for the sold object: just a few minutes away are the historic old town of Limburg, as well as a large commercial area with various shopping facilities. In addition, that a training centre as well as several doctor’s offices are nearby. The global financial invest AG (GFI AG) sold 3-bedroom condo is also conveniently located: among others are the Federal motorway A 3, as well as the Intercity train station Limburg (a journey to the Frankfurt Airport: 19 minutes) within a very short time to achieve and ensure optimum integration especially in the Rhine-main area. In each of their high-quality real estate objects respects the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) on certain criteria, to purchase. value-enhancing optimization and sale of real estate to achieve continuous profit growth. The cheap acquisition of complete packages of real estate, which were sold by banks or local governments in the global financial invest AG, as well as the subsequent resale of individual objects to investors are in the focus of GFI AG. Similar to the reference object in Limburg prefers the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) real estate locations, which have a great potential or revealed themselves to in the past as very robust and stable value. About global financial invest AG (GFI AG), GFI invest the global financial invest AG (GFI) is active in the field of real estate focus. In cooperation with renowned partners, including international real estate funds, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) operates throughout Europe. With the product LIFEDIREKT, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) households are the chance to participate in the success of the company.

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