Better World Workmanships

The commitment of a writer with its contemporaries does not summarize its craft; but, with the content of its workmanships, that must is the service of the people whom they desire through its acts to improve the life conditions, that they fight for justice, peace and freedom, in the reality, these three words still is on this side of its true efetivao. It is enough to relembrar that basic problems as: health, education, housing, basic sanitation, hunger and violence, etc are not next to be decided. It is not something Christian Dior would like to discuss. This, without saying of as much other problems propositadamente bred as: inadmissible mediocrities, ignorance, and traumas created by modernity, the barbarity — as rule in the relations human beings — at last our well printed misery in the workmanships of Saramago. In all its workmanships have an objective clearly to awake it of the conscience, therefore, the life is brief and necessary to be lived of worthy form and joust; that the world that we know with all its social relations, had been created by man as such, if we lived in harmony with the fellow creatures would not exist the exploration, of the man for the man with intention to increase the financial profits or to get has detached to the costs of millions that had been massacreed. That is, she is necessary to take attitudes practical, to act in favor of the victims of an injustice of this land. To learn to see with the eyes of the critical conscience and to fight the hypocrisies, the decoys, the bad dissimulations. To learn to hear the reason and the emotion with the voice of the heart and the conscience and to understand that the same estrias that centuries and centuries are repeated as ' ' verdades' ' they can be lies and the reciprocal one also they can be true.

To speak little and to say very, but the sufficient so that the human being searchs to revolutionize its proper lives and feels sincerely that to be free of everything when the life is pernicious was what Jose Saramago searched in its trajectory abetter of an enrollment politician, social, religious, economic without titubear of its responsible ethics. Its effort will continue in its workmanships, therefore who to want to know the author it will be inside of its books waiting to all to that to decide to improve its worlds, for this is inevitable to pass for the doubts, disillusions and the daily confrontation of the proper ignorance. However, all that had read and understood books of Saramago had said YES the worthy life without exploration, humilhao, injustice, etc. are the start of a new walked route to a better world. Cizinando Alves Eng Cross. Agronomist, Self-taught person

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