Black Hippolyta Breath

Benjamin Franklin: A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step Simon Bolivar, the great leader of American independence, should his glory to his genius, his determination, his physical vigour, your mindset, their teachers and negra Hipolita, who was at his side in moments of tender childhood and helped it to grow and form in the pleasant but demanding life adventure. When the small Simon was born its progenitor was hit by losses of health and should find a person who will help in raising their offspring. Being as it was of a wealthy family was difficult to get someone who will take care of this task. It was first called a friend of the family, Ines Miyares mancebo. But then it was called Hippolyta. The black Hippolyta. The great Hippolyta from whom the Liberator would always show a sincere affection. Negra Hipolita was born slave in the Aragua State in Venezuela, more exactly in San Jose de Tiznados, in the hato El Totumo, owned by Juan Vicente Bolivar.

Your name stack was Matea and carried the surname of their masters, the Bolivar as was the style of the era. According to tradition led to the future liberator in his arms up the baptismal font and was witness to the events of 1. 814en San mateo when the liberating army quandary with the troops of Colonel Jose Tomas Boves and was witness to the Antonio Ricaurte heroic act exception when he blew by setting fire to the gunpowder stored in one of the houses where the fighting is ongoingto star in the most singular gesture of sacrifice for the liberation cause. The black married Mateo Bolivar, also of the Bolivar family servant, although of a hacienda than the one in which he worked. In 1821, after the final battle of Carabobo, Bolivar granted freedom to slaves who still had and, among them, was no one less than the black Hippolyta. The years passed and Bolivar continued bathing in glory. They won battles, he conquered peoples, he met army, he liberated Nations and He received the plaudits of his contemporaries. You can say that del Libertador intensely lived life and pulled forces his temper but also of the milk and the affection that Hippolyta will give you over the years that shows just opened his eyes to behold the light of the world.

July 10, 1,825, in a moment of repose amid their hectic days, Bolivar pauses and sits down to write a beautiful letter to his sister. In her book several lines of gratitude to the person that both should: Te command a letter from my mother Hippolyta give him everything that she wants; to make it as if it were your mother, your milk has fueled my life and I’ve not met another parent that she Bolivar loved his aya and considered her mother and father at the same time. Definitely Hippolyta, with his sincere affection, their permanent affection and his selflessness foolproof, conquered an important place in the history of our peoples. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez original Autor and source of the article

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