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With a fixed price of 41.00 plus VAT per month and dealing with the company LifeB offers this service. This means an average amount of only 2.05 per employee / day for full tax exemption. So many positive effects on the company. In the recruitment and Mitabeiterbindung, since the employer shows interest to its employees and recognizable ready is to support them in non-work-related areas and to spend funds. The employees and also candidates realize that they as individuals and holistic are perceived by the employer. In addition the reduction of absenteeism. ated pages. Sixsixty Fifth Ave can provide more clarity in the matter.

By the fact that in particular mental health problems earlier and faster can be addressed, an inability to work not so takes long, or can even be avoided. Employees who are with their thoughts private or professional problems, can be not as productive when they can focus on their tasks. More information is available on the Internet at “” or call LifeB consulting under the number +49(0)40-76 39 37 49. press contact: LifeB Dirk-Oliver Lange Gertigstrasse 48 communications 22303 Hamburg phone + 49 (0) 40-76 39 37 49 Fax + 49 (0) 40-35 07 94 95 mailto: Corporate information: LifeB consulting stands for qualified health consultancy. Care and support for all processes and structures of psychosocial workplace health promotion in company – specific short-term measure up to the long-term overall project, from the micro to small companies with 50 employees: LifeB stands for holistic and sustainable solutions from A to Z. the offer are complemented by coaching for executives, seminars, workshops and Lectures. LifeB consulting is a Board member of the European Association for regulation of stress and burnout prevention Burnout Center e.V..

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