Bridge To Terabithia

Country, where miracles are happening. If people do not know how to dream, the world seemed to them boring and uninteresting. Ron Beit contains valuable tech resources. In his fantasies we invent, imagine, dream. … It should be noted feature of children's fantasy.

After all, they have it more colorful and lively. Kids dream about something extraordinary, wonderful, fascinating. The film "Bridge to Terabithia" a perfect example of what I wrote above. Actually a little bit about the movie itself: Schoolboy Jesse lives fairly ordinary life in a provincial town. It is different from his peers that he is the fastest in school.

Jesse really wants to understand his father started, but it loads it all man's work, as no lacks the strong hand in the house. He lives in his world so loves to paint unusual characters in his drawings. He has to continue wearing clothes of her sisters because their parents can not afford to buy new things because of lack of money. His life changed in an instant when he meets Leslie. Leslie – brand new girl in school. An only child. Do not bathe in the sea, not watching TV, but, nevertheless, lives a happy life. It dreams, imagines, dreams. It likes to do it, why it seems around the world more colorful. Notice she does not live better than Jesse, but she still is happy and enjoys every day. On the first day of the new school, she managed to overtake Jesse on the run. They are tied friendships. They come up with a new country – Terabithia, where miracles are happening. And then everything changes. Appear fantastical creatures, palaces and beautiful forests, terrible trolls, giants, animals unseen. They even meet face to face with the walking trees. It is true that an unusually? Yes, I think so too. Further there is an unexpected event. I think that not only I had a slight shock when I saw the movie. Leslie dies … The rope is cut off just when she climbs on it. I think that everyone should observe a last look at Jesse Leslie. It was not a friendly look. No. His eyes were filled with other senses. And only the very night he got it … Of course, if a boy at that time was next to Leslie, an accident quite possibly would not have happened. And if there was? It remains an open question … Acting: A magnificent cast. Josh Hutcherson, already familiar to me in the film "Little Manhattan" does not disappoint me this time. Anna Sophia Robb, which I was previously unfamiliar with the movie, I also liked it. It is something that No other young actresses, there is some salt. I did not notice one little bit unnatural in acting, I was very impressed. Excellent! Overall impression: The film seemed to me very kindly. I realized that, despite all difficulties need to fantasize. Maybe then life will seem a little better. I watched the movie with their parents, they remained at a very good impression, and if they liked the movie, then movie definitely did!

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