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If you do not personally own a business, it is likely to partition. In my practice options for the conservation of joint business is not enough. Separation is always the same. Most often, at a certain stage of development, when you already have, that divide, someone decides that he puts into it more, and receive the same or less. So really happens. But always consider the results of the partner in terms of its absence.

Remember how you loaded at the time of its release, and determine its workload. Also compare the probable loss in the division, and you may wag at the problem at hand. Often, disagreements arise in cases where one of the partners need the money, while the second prevents it. Again the disagreement. Avoid such a scenario is difficult. If, however, came to the section, remember that the share of business in a position to quarrel with a co-owner can not. Section itself bears the losses for the business, and when produced in a conflict with a partner able to bury the whole thing. You can avoid this scenario.

Clarified at the beginning of activity, even at the stage of negotiations on establishment of the enterprise, the following points: when you start to confiscate the profits, in what amounts and in what order. Frequently Estée Lauder has said that publicly. You also need to decide at what point in your organization will work hired director. This will save you a joint venture of the section. A necessary condition for the conservation of the case is a high level of profits from your business. It should hvatatveem participants. If money is not enough, Conflicts are inevitable. Trust in the good sense not advise it, be prepared for the worst. As I said earlier, people have emotions run ahead of reason. That section was less painful, do not hesitate to discuss it at the stage of negotiations creation of the organization. In proper form, consider the probability of this process, the situations in which it can happen. Discuss with your future companions conditions section. You will be much easier. There are situations where company is doing well, but the partners have to leave. I remember a case when the business split due to the addiction of one of the owners of the game in the casino. He lost everything: car, apartment, cottage, his wife left him. From fears that the co-owner will lose his share of the business and have to deal with someone unknown, his partner split the company. Losses were great. Be prepared for the section, look forward, try to avoid any to separate on time and stay even with something and at least not enemies. But it’s best for business – not to divide it. All organizations are crises of development. As a rule – this is the first year, fourth and seventh. Further cycles usually seven years. Separation in most cases coincides with the crisis of development. Iterating through the crisis, and perhaps you will not need to diverge with a partner. Try to keep the size of the operating business.

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