Call Center Services

In a nutshell, the main task and function of the telephone information center, call center – it is primarily to give the company a customer to communicate directly with customers. Ability to keep abreast of the market, always be aware of the needs of its customers, always be relevant. Call Center allows you to solve for the firm a number of very important tasks associated with the problem of efficient search, recruitment and retention of its customers. Solved the same way, and questions of effective promotion of new products and services to your company. Services of any call center is very useful to integrate into the general advertising policies of your company. Such technology, as telemarketing, which allows direct phone sales and simultaneous monitoring of your target audience can not be ignored.

Call centre will be able to organize and run a hot line for you to work with clients who have already have bought your product or service. Retain existing customers is much easier than attract new ones. Call center provides a variety of services – telephone surveys, market research, case studies and surveys direct telephone sales, telemarketing, promotions and information about planned events, mailing lists, updating existing databases, reminder service, after-sales service hotline (permanently The phone with the ability to make free calls from anywhere in the country or the world). Further details can be found at Dior, an internet resource. A new proposal of some call centers – rental operator's workplace, the provision of modern equipment. More some services. Virtual room – the phone number that will forward all your incoming calls to numbers that you specify, and in the order that you specify. To install the virtual number is not required new telephone lines and special equipment on your part. Still stands elaborate on the elements of advertising campaigns and actions that can be entrusted to specialists call centers.

Today, they provide integrated service, called Virtual Office. It often happens that during promotions or any firm load on her phone line is greatly increased. Interested in the action a customer calls, specify the conditions discounts and so on. Virtual Office, which offers a call center is the ability to completely eliminate the callers are not customers. Additional virtual office will become the company of great help in these moments and promotional propaganda activities, will assume the job of telephone conversations with all the caller – telemarketing. Virtual Office provides forward incoming calls to a given customer phone list, performs the call forwarding schedule, working with black and white lists, sends voice mail to e-mail, betrays the individual voice messages for greeting, notify of missed calls, notify the posted messages on the e-mail and so on. Additional services, which provides a good call center typically includes a single multi-channel phone number, be sure to open 7 days a week and a full 24 hours a day. Highly trained operators, prepared to suit your project. Guaranteed no missed calls. Necessarily accurate statistics of all calls. Audio files – files with the recorded conversations of the operators Call Centre with your customers. Personal Manager, managing your project. Test period for the projects.

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