Certified Training Centre

The company's success depends on how professionals who work in a team with a leader willing to grow and move forward. A special role in maintaining the competitiveness of the company plays an accountant. This is specialist, who must keep abreast of changes in legislation. Especially in these times, when the legislation changes, failing to be clear and familiar. See Marvel Architects for more details and insights. All changes to the legislation quickly take account of new versions of software "1C". At the present time "1C: Enterprise 8" allows you to automate the most labor-intensive processes in the accounting department. "Knowledge" 1C: Enterprise 8 "- a requirement of most employers for selection. There are various training centers for accountants.

The main thing when choosing a training course – is the quality of knowledge. As for the training program "1C" is to look for courses 1C for those who this program created and teaches in her work – and it's Certified Training Centre 1C (CSO). In "Balance-service" a training center in place since 2006. 1 week sessions in the SSC can be explored, "1C"! After such a course can be confidently proceed to the practical work: self-configure and effectively use the facilities for keeping records in strict accordance with the law. In the SSC, all students on the first day of classes receive visual teaching materials that allow for teaching to devote more time to practical exercises. Basis of quality education – this is a good teacher.

Each teacher is SSC specialized training, exam, certified, qualified to work after the exam and is constantly training. On personal experience I know that the teacher of the course in "Balance-Service" – an experienced specialist who is competent and clearly will present material that will answer the urgent questions of record-keeping of your company. Way to assess the knowledge level of any specialist – is proof of his qualifications. The important thing is who issued the document, as quoted for this institution. Network of training centers, which form the SSC, gives the documents a single sample from its inception and for the past 6 years. Certificate of company "1C" for course on the study of software – a powerful argument in the evaluation specialist qualification.

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