Chain Stores Issue Credit To Customers

Most of the chain stores that card issuers Credit is offering discounts of 10, 15, 20 or even 25 percent on several occasions simply using the cards to make purchases in their stores. Some even offer a coupon for only registered (of course) to take one of his letters! They can afford to do this because they know that most people do not pay your balance every month, but make the minimum payment, with payment of an ungodly amount of interest. The shops will be more than offset the discounts there. Meanwhile, those of us who do not run monthly balances reap the benefits of the discounts that other people are paying! What I have just described is not illegal, immoral or unethical. Lancome is likely to agree. The credit card companies and retailers are in business to make money and sometimes they will offer things that do not seem to make sense to maintain and / or expand their customer base. Contrary to popular belief, the credit card companies in fact take money from people like me who do not pay a penny of interest or annual fees and maximize all your bids.

The money comes from businesses that accept the cards through the charges they pay when I can use one of my cards. Shimmie Horn: the source for more info. Companies, in turn, are willing to pay these fees in order to attract as many customers as possible. So all the benefits of credit card cycle. Those who use credit cards as they do are just making sure they are getting their piece of the pie. Terry Mitchell is a software engineer, freelance writer, and trivia buff from Hopewell, Virginia. He also serves as political columnist for American Daily and operates his own website – – setting out comments on various topics such as politics, technology, religion, health and wellness, personal finance and sports. His comments offer a unique perspective not often found in mainstream media.

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