Choose A Car Subwoofer

Vsvtraivaya music in the car, most are one reason or another refuse an essential component audio systems – a subwoofer. And thus depriving themselves of pleasure to listen to musical masterpieces in full quality. After AUTO needed not only for lovers of "disco on wheels." In its "sphere of influence" – to play instruments such as bass, bass guitar, lower notes piano, bass drum and the lower registers of the organ. DostatochnoProstoe There is a Solution – Ready AUTO cabinet. Even less complicated – with integrated power amplifier that is active AUTO. Subwoofers do not depend on the complex processes of calculation and construction of the shell and selection amplifier. RBH Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Active subwoofer installed in the car for a short period of time – much more time will be spent on the wires that connect the bass part with your tape recorder.

If your radio does not have access to subwoofer is not terrible – most of the active subwoofer equipped with a high voltage input signal for the intended speakers. Thus, it remains only to bring leash AUTO signal, previously earmarked for rear speakers, and provide meals. Among the active corps SUBWOOFERS occupy a special place, "a super" solution – slim design easily fits under the seat. Strong bass, shaking the car, from such a decision should be expected, but the sound in full will be felt more "filled", lower case will become a tangible weight. Passive solutions are the need for hull preobritat external power amplifier. But Subwoofers are often heard more clearly as to consist of a body of more than subwoofers, and this case is able to convey a much more proper acoustic volume. Especially demanding motorists will personally count and make housing for the speaker, or to consult specialists. But then, when grammotnom approach to business, it would be better, and not only in sound: perslnalno manufactured housing can be built in Trunk space, using the "hidden reserves" volume – for example, the arch of the wings or even a niche for a "chute".

And yet, the circulation in the ranks of novice car audiomanov view that only a couple of "oval" speakers 6×9 or 7×10 size can replace AUTO – no more than misleading. Yes, the total area of diffusers couple of "ovals" is commensurable to the 10-inch subwoofer speaker – that's the main argument of "refuseniks" from the auto sabbuferov. But the constructive dynamics – not subs, and their diffusers overwork is not just playing the bass frequencies. And the full replacement subwoofer speakers of these is not expected to anything.

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