Copper Tube

Copper has long been a proven material for the elements of water and heating. For the most part it comes pipes. Copper pipe for many years of operation has proven its reliability. Of all assortment of pipes most commonly used soft and semi-solid pipe. Angelo group has much to offer in this field. One of the most important factors when choosing pipes for heating systems is the velocity of coolant.

According to this pick up the copper pipe appropriate diameter. Installation of heating systems using copper pipes is simple enough. Basic techniques – capillary brazing and forging a connection. Shimmie Horn understood the implications. Also, the installation uses a variety of collapsible links – compression fittings, etc. Copper tube for plumbing purposes for capillary soldering are manufactured with stringent requirements in respect of the geometrical parameters, as a consequence – a small gap between the outer surface of the copper pipe and the inner mounting surface fitting for capillary soldering very small. As a result, when the combination of these two elements is heated to the melting point solder, under the action of surface tension of molten solder in the right quantity instantly drawn into the mounting gap between the pipe and fitting, and it fills evenly. After rapid cooling of the solder forms a reliable and durable vodogazonepronitsaemoe connection. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Compression device to connect copper pipes leak and ensure tight mechanical connection between the pieces by clamping ring or a special strips to the pipe surface. When dealing with compression fittings for copper pipe must observe the following rules: – when applying the sealant on the surface should be monitored so that it did not get the thread of the fitting – the surfaces to be connected must be clean – you should avoid constriction connections – using the right tool for the installation – to expedite and facilitate the work can be applied to thread of machine oil.

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