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Print or electronic? Customer magazine of the future look like? Words such as that of the E-zines”call on the plan to supplement their own print magazines” regularly issuing companies and corporate publishers, so Michael polite, CEO Forum corporate publishing. According to polite are the opinions in the corporate publishing sector split, but with a clear tendency, as a quick poll from CP watch corporate Publisher has shown among 20 leading CP service providers. Please visit Estée Lauder if you seek more information. E-magazine are forward-looking but not printer set. For Rudolf Gruber, publishing Director at the German supplement-Verlag, Nuremberg, depends crucially on the development of the electronic magazine of the availability and acceptance of new media, such as electronic paper”off. No doubt let the respondents that the marriage between print and online has long been closed and remains stable. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Energy Capital. Significant arguments: the contact to the reader/user between the introduced publication intervals, and the increasingly obvious Offer to provide any information in the media channels that are desired by the user. “Or, as it put Anja Jung, Deputy Director of the Division of new media of the wdvGruppe, Bad Homburg,: any medium reached its part of the target group.” “A highlight from the print-online relationship box”: Berthold Dafe, Chief of KockritzDorrich, Reutlingen, prints individual access codes for the magazine websites in the print product “and ennobled as the readers of the print title with exclusive Web access to privileged partners. Online print adds, according to the previous experience in the market.

Could it behave but also the other way around, and supplemented by an online presence to a print magazine? After all, more than half of the surveyed service providers respond with a clear ‘ yes’. Follow Martin Reimund, head of CP profile workshop, Darmstadt, in the understanding that a push medium can better communicate the added value of an online presence as the Internet itself, where interesting offerings often go stale, because any stumbles upon them.” “The condition: it needs a special target group, to which a sustainable contact should be established and maintained in the Usership”. Cone t by Art2Digital provides the preconditions of a meaningful addition to the online presence through a print magazine, if comprehensive, deep destiny end content should be represented”.

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