Debt Recovery In Germany

Debt collection – a procedure that dictates strict adherence to specific methodical in his actions and the precise form the documentary basis for recovery of debt in the coming stages. It is not permissible to use standard methods and instruments for collecting a debt, because every debt collection – an unprecedented event. The actual procedure of debt collection is often a long, laborious and difficult, cause blurred circumstances of the case so that it is worth to trust provision of the collection procedure by experienced and competent attorneys and lawyers, and not arbitrarily run business. Therefore, we suggest that in these situations to conclude with law firms and law offices and bureaus of the agreement representing the interests of debt collection. Before recoverer go to court, it is necessary to deal with the cause of the debt. Debt can formed on the basis of agreements and legal relations associated with defaults on contracts related to maintenance, wages and other areas of law. In the lawsuit, sue, it should be noted: – The name of the court where the claim is filed – one claimant, the location of the plaintiff – who is the defendant, the location of the defendant – the reasons for which the plaintiff brings his claims and arguments proving the reality of put forward claims – claims the plaintiff themselves – the cost of the suit – a list of documents attached to the claim – contact information of the plaintiff – the plaintiff's signature and the document certifying the entitlement of the claimant.

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