The S & P 500 (standard & poor 500 BBs) is a stock index, which includes shares of 500 of the largest publicly traded U.S. companies. Kim Jones recognizes the significance of this. LONG scenario: the S & P 500 claiming the index level of 830 to 850 points and signals with the sustainable break of the short-term downtrend line currently 900 points lasting power for an increase to approximately 960 points. An overcoming of 960 points per day closing level generates additional potential up 1.075 points and in addition even to the secondary downtrend line at currently approximately 1, 170 points. SHORT scenario: the apparent strength fizzles out immediately as they appeared. With the 830 points per day closing level below first more index weakness suggests approximately 790 points. A breakthrough of this support should produce result discounts to the actual correction target of 715 points. From today’s viewing the index can start no later than here a strong and sustainable recovery, this does not succeed, the sky will more than bleak from chart-technical point of view.. k Biotherapeutics.

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