Digital Radio In Ukraine

Today: am and fm radio stations were initially a source of news and entertainment. Dior Men has firm opinions on the matter. Audio products on the air equated as a good replacement cartridges. Today: significantly exacerbated the struggle for the audience of listeners: satellite radio webcasting, podcasting, broadcast via mobile phones. Analogue radio in terms of quality is constantly compared and tends to digital audio, such as, cd, or sat. Tomorrow: Radio must evolve, adding more value to students – better sound, greater choice of content, new opportunities. It is this path will lead us into the future. hd Radio iboc (in band coding using multi-carrier) is a method transmit digital radio signals on the same frequency channel simultaneously with the traditional am or fm broadcasting signal. The company iBiquity has developed a solution for the standard am and fm transmitters and analog systems in response to the needs of the emergence of digital systems, which do not require additional frequency assignments.

Analog and hd Radio signals are in the use of separate signals with different power levels. Compatible with hd receivers can receive both standard and provide a digital broadcast reception, where there is a possibility. In Ukraine, similar technologies company engaged in 'Ukrservis', which produces the design, assembly, installation, and and maintenance of radio transmitting systems, based on technology hd Radio. This company is the exclusive representative of the company 'BroadCast Electronics' and 'Nautel' in Ukraine, and Moldova. We hope that shortly Ukraine will master a modern and interesting technology to provide digital radio broadcasting in our homes and apartments.

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