I know that my position is quixotic, however, will not fail to repeat and repeat that we should not believe on television. In my experience with television, every time I am more convinced of two ideas: 1) That is a powerful tool that can make you believe anything people. 2) That, if your primary goal is profit and educational and cultural development of society, can worsen the quality of life of individuals and harmony and respect between them. Despite having the conviction that today's television worsens the quality of my life, I have a nasty habit of turning it on, is like an "order" installed somewhere in my brain (thank goodness I have some awareness of the consequences of my actions and, therefore, the turn out almost immediately). Moreover, as I mentioned in another, also see with my family, sharing time with them. Then, as I see some TV, I can say with certainty that one of the most recurrent themes out there, especially in news and programs reports, is the crime (there are other recurring themes, such as poverty and show business, but to support my "quixotic stance, not speak about the crime). I have noticed that television is not interested in showing any offender.

A television is interested in creating a stereotype of the offender, possibly, to create, in this way, an "enemy" easy to recognize (the stereotypes simplify things but produced terrible injustices). The offender "TV" is poor, young and weak. Moreover, this stereotype has led to the store to link crime to poverty (another "jewel" of television).

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