Economic Pride

Prepared as ghosts, without fear, cold, cold data, accurate and tough. That was the road to success, the road to success was unexpected to think, for them, in any determination without having all the information. Here, Nir Barzilai, M.D. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The strange thing is that had all the information, all students throughout the preparation and were congratulated for being infallible … and brought the world financial collapse. The question that arises is: replace the knowledge and education in values, a shared society education? Generation sad and painful as some of his mentors and directors have committed suicide, it is painful to think that the world is governed by standards for a lot of money, which god are so small.

Economic Pride clears the way to human pain and anguish. The result of the generation pre-collapse, is the new generation, which I call Generation Voyer. It is strange to see the birth of a new creation is like a monster that is molded at will. The steps of evolution are in the social results of the previous generation. Birth society felt unsafe in their own environments, must be careful, therefore, generated the concept of protection of individuals, society must be controlled and help to control crime and applause through television cameras appeared to film centers around what happens on the streets of the city. The mechanical eyes, with 360 degree view became the star of what was happening. This baby was allowed to have a say in proceedings and began to grow. Youth then to grow, was a picture in a space, then another and another until you get to cover major cities in whole apples, stadiums, buildings, banks, shopping centers, etc.

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