Education Ministry

Discomfort among the villagers of Caleta Tortel generated exposure talk energy that HidroAysen took Thursday, September 10 to the town, after passing through several villages in the Region of Aysen de Coyhaique to the South, and where information is delivered to students in basic education and media about the benefits of hydropower in relation to other energy alternatives, and step promoted projects of dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers. Under the title of the educational trick of HidroAysen, grouping means environmental and Socio Cultural Chonkes, headed by Augusto Hernandez, ago see her discomfort at the situation noting that the activity was not informed parents nor the population, was not issued a communication, or a visit or request face to face by the company parents, and the response from the director is that it was of pedagogical topics, which are covered by the Ministry of education. They relate in the letter that the exposure was based on explaining the operation of dams, with an audiovisual presentation where showed rivers of the region and the project that seeks to flood certain sectors of Patagonia, emphasizing the reduction of the areas of flooding in comparison with the initial draft, noting that this energy is needed for the development of the Chilean industry. Each workshop concluded with all trained children, receiving brochures allusive to the project and a flashlight with the logo of the company. All this would have been recorded through photographs by HidroAysen, graphically portraying the lie of so-called clean energy education, title only used to disguise the process of internalization and propaganda that had just performed. They explain that a school official resorted to bring forward with a banner that read Chilean Patagonia without dams and, in an act of protest, with frustration and impotence, a student threw and destroyed the lantern and the literature that was imposing company, school and the Chilean educational system. In the Chonkes grouping, they point out that calls us the attention that instead of responding observations citizens to the environmental impact study, HidroAysen continues to promote your project and buying at the citizenship, without giving to know that actually his project has not been approved legally, thus avoiding to comply with the environmental standard which says they must answer the thousands of comments citizen that were presented during the month of November of the year 2008. They remind us that the adult and student community of Tortel participated in a consultation citizen where 80% is expressed against the Hidroaysen project, to then ask yourself if this is a clean Act form?, do reach the towns secretly, without parents and the community knew? clean energy, education or marketing and propaganda of your project? It concludes the organization that we see that it happened to citizenship and, more important, be has transgressed the limits, since they now point to children and poison their clean minds with propaganda of projects that will destroy everything they know and have known in their small lives. This display of discontent in Caleta Tortel joins the action developed by a group of parents of school children from Villa or Higgins, who with his efforts managed to avoid that a similar activity at that location developed.

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