Education Superior

These are discriminated for reasons of ethnic group, sort, color or social class, and its increasing number turns the service into excluding, putting in judgment fabric its legitimacy. The different governments have raised as solution the educative credit and the scholarships, insofar as they allow, through financing of the demand, to facilitate the access in better conditions than those than offers the market. In the case of Colombia, it is evident that this direction of the loan has made possible, maintaining the support to the layers of majors income, to optimize the access of the layers 2 and 3, not therefore the one of the 1, partly because he does not have entrance to the educative system as a whole. The first reason of the importance of the fairness in education consists of the paper that plays the knowledge in the economy of the nations and the possibility for all the country of occupying a worthy position in the global concert. Of another side, the education is the means of formation of the human talents and the most important route so that the people can construct a life project worthy and a position that considers valuable for themselves in the society. Quality, against the poor men But the measures that take in this matter in the land from the education superior, on the part of the governments, depends on the direction on which they settle down. Indeed: One is to equal the opportunities for those who have the talent and the conditions that would in principle assure the access to the elites, under the budget of the existence of an innate, intelligent and apt nature but differently distributed in a population? This option supposes that the urgent thing is to create equality of opportunities, so that most talented they can accede to the greater possible degree of formation, and simultaneously to count on a scheme differentiated for the rest of the population.

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