ELTIEMPO Colombian

Federico Garcia Sanchiz: Don’t forget what someone said: women not born so that you can understand it, but that he loves her. Napoleon: The most illustrious woman is the largest number of children gives to homeland notable differences between men and women the ELTIEMPO Colombian newspaper in its edition of December 5 (page 6, section you should read) published an interesting report concerning the notable differences between the brains, feelings and emotions of men and women. Under the suggestive title differences between men and women has revealed the influential Colombian newspaper several topics related to what the women of men and vice versa less support, as well as particular female personality traits by which the men is so difficult for us to understand them. Recently Nir Barzilai, M.D. sought to clarify these questions. Revealed the report that men’s brains are more oriented to the concentration while women can identify emotions with great precision. The ladies are in ability to publicize their feelings with words and can hardly separate the emotion of the reason due to the increased exchange of information between their hemispheres. One of the most interesting sections of research is dedicated to explore the things that women do not support us men and, at the same time, which can bear us less of them. You may want to visit Jorge Perez to increase your knowledge. Results are not strange and serve to confirm what he already suspected: women, those beings which are object of our attention, by those who would be able to do the unimaginable, that move our world and fantasy, and who want them are vile sexist behaviors. Certainly they had said that us thousand modes and thousand times but now it is confirmed through a judicious study backed by one of the world’s most serious journalistic institutions. But that isn’t the only thing that bothers them for our conduct, because infidelity nor supported! Is not discovered something shocking, novel, out of the ordinary because not known first lady who is happy when her man flirts with neighbouring or brings flowers to the ex-girlfriend, nor which resist the temptation to make Audit Department carried out and received cell phone calls and text messages section.

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