Endst. Brasil – Intro

Terminus Brasil – passages from Cape. I had found a nice, furnished apartment in Torremolinos, in the province of Malaga in southern Spain for us 1 in April. From there it was out until to the beach just ten minutes I walk and that with cost Max, our small black mixed-breed dog, fully. Every morning two hours completed Beach run. It was lovely to watch the dog to romp around in the sand, because he loved the beach and the sea as well as I and did not fear even the high waves. I threw a stick in the water, he jumped eagerly and happily afterwards. Mostly I promised myself the luxury of then put me on the Beach Terrace, one of the many cafes on the promenade, drank a cup of coffee or two and enjoyed the view of the sea. And Michael lived quickly in the new environment and the new school and as everywhere, he found friends here very soon.

This time, so I was sure I would do everything right. Michael and I were always very closely related, and there was a confidential relationship between us. My son had no secrets from me. On the contrary. He was always very open to me and I always knew where he was. Clearly there were problems caused by puberty and and also dispute; but it happens even in the best families.

One was sure: I loved everything my son over and would always love him. For my son I would have done everything, just to keep him happy to see. That alone counted for me. For that reason alone, I overcame my disgust and tried to maintain a friendly relationship with Chris. Chris was my life companion and say Michael’s stepfather for nearly three years. And, Michael spent the weekends with him in El Palo, to maintain contact with his best friend Miguel. I drove him then on Friday evenings in the town 90 kilometres away, and brought him down Sunday evening. For me, it was always a return to a chapter, which was already completed: for three years the hell with Chris, a Nigerian, the life with fraud and international drug trafficking be funded, what but only I realized after we moved to a shared apartment. Despite everything, he’s been good to Michael and could put him boundaries when it was necessary. I had long planned the separation by Chris. Emotionally do anything more with it connected me and I felt only dislike for this man who systematically tried to destroy my life. When I was offered a job at a magazine editorial board in March, I took my chance and sought a new home for Michael and me. I wanted to have nothing to do with Chris dirty stores. Unfortunately, I kept this job not long, because the boss could not pay my salary, or wanted to.

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