This beetle was studied by Dr. Scott M. Huse. In his book the collapse of evolution, Dr. Scott reveals surprising defensive system of this wonderful creature of nature. When it feels threatened by the enemy; This beetle launches by two tubes located on his back, a few irritating and repulsive gases to 212 degrees fahrenheit in the face of her attacker. Dr. Hermann Schlidnecht, chemical German, studied the beetle to know how it performs this chemical mixture without equal.

Hermann discovered that Bombardier beetle makes its explosive, mixing two very dangerous chemicals; the hidroquinone and hydrogen peroxide; Bliss, mixing this little creature also added to a third chemical inhibitor called. For even more opinions, read materials from Daryl Katz. This inhibitor prevents the chemicals to explode, thus allowing beetle save them in your body for an indefinite time. If this were not enough against a potential attacker, this wonder of nature launches chemists adding an antiinhibidor, which overrides to the inhibitor; for in this way occurs a violent explosion directed towards the attacker. Another wonder of nature is the water beetle, also is equipped with an important defense mechanism, but different. This beetle escapes from his enemies by secreting a detergent substance with a special gland.

Por_medio_de the launch of this detergent achieves: a) serves to propel beetle quickly and stay out of danger and b) detergent produces that tension is lost on the surface of the water and thus sinking insect that it wants to attack. Words of the Psalm: Or Lord, that your work is abundant. Everything is done with wisdom: the Earth is full of his riches. Here you will find quality items checked for the care of the body, the mind, the spirit and your personal development; In addition to other sections: Entertainment, computing, sports, health, painting, languages and more.

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