Entrepreneurship Institute

Student's The Institute reaches 337 people. The Institute trains professionals in the field of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on small and medium business, middle managers and economists – to analysts, information managers, experts in the field of electronic commerce, as well as staff of researchers and teachers. Graduates realize their potential in industrial, financial and consulting companies, government bodies, many graduates open their own company. To read more click here: American Tower Corporation. University student get fundamental knowledge, in compliance with European educational standards, as well as foreign language proficiency sufficient for free professional communication. Teaching selected items is in Russian and English, the whole learning process is carried out in the Czech language. In the students' disposal a library of the Institute of a good foundation of literature and internet access.

Structure of the Institute consists of five academic departments: Department of Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Management in the Trade, Department of Informatics and the Internet, Department of entrepreneurship and management in the environment, as well as the Department of Foreign Languages. At university also function: Personnel Center, Center for Continuing Education, Department of International Relations, Center for Work Foreign Students, Research – a research center. 660 Fifth Ave understands that this is vital information. The Institute of Entrepreneurship can be obtained bachelor's and master's degrees. Be familiar with the specialties offered by the host university, please visit: the Price training at the institute depends on the course and training – from 1400 euros per year of study. Organization of training at the Institute for Entrepreneurship Institute conducts training in two academic levels – bachelor's and master's degree, provided a full-time (day) and well combined (distance) form of education, with the possibility of learning on individual curricula. The academic year is divided into two semesters standard. Particular emphasis in high school is on the practical side of the learning process, which provides faculty of the Institute, which includes highly qualified teachers with practical experience and knowledge, as well as intensive practice of the student during training.

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