Europe Sarah Schulze

Some exhibitors I deem especially worthy of mention due to their offer and the underlying philosophy: from Germany, I would mention the Stuttgart-based designer Bruni Sakina, who has represented the lifestyle here. It leads the young label with the name body SCHNEIDER and the name is program here. It means as much as, it is the customers on the body tailored”. Designer Bruni Sakina designs and manufactures special eco-lifestyle fashion for women since 2010. With their label, she stand for transparency in its production chain, where only the best ecological and sustainable luxury materials are used and the sustainable production in Europe will take place. Others who may share this opinion include 660 Fifth Ave.

The dialogue with our customers about this issue is very important to me”, says Bruni Sakina. It stands for natural beauty”and would like this also in your collections to express. In the accessories struck me Sonja Heymann, a young jewelry designer from Dusseldorf on. She exhibited there fair their first jewellery trade silver and gems. As 2 years ago, I began my work, it was a great desire as a jewelry designer to do something different and not to support the exploitation in the metal and precious stone area. So, I opted for verifiable fair trade Silver”and also gems.

“” There was a long planning and development phase, before I 2011 “brought out my first collection of contra Rios”, so Sonja Heymann. Each piece of jewelry is provided by you on sale with a special certificate. A very special company philosophy represents the label GOODSOCIETY from Canada, whose Firmengrunder committed to the Produktionvon Jeans with purely biological as materials for some years from conviction. Through a streamlined and unconventional company concept, it is possible for many years to plug, so the agent of this label for Europe Sarah Schulze generally 25% of the profits in social projects the holder Ryan Shantz. Eco-fashion fashion with social Background, without headquarters exaggerated to, what do you want more.

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