European Charter

Currently, there is no specific training for these professionals, when demand is strong (Lizasoain, 2006). The role of school in the hospital is compensatory. It is essential to attempt to normalize the way of life child. The teaching hospital is socializing, and so are also important recreational activities can be organized in a hospital from a painting competition to plant a magazine written by children. Every country in Europe working with criteria, and the seminar is intended as a sharing of objectives. The legal reference is the on the Rights of Children in Hospital, approved by Parliament in 1986. Then each country has developed its own legislation.

In Navarre there is still much to be done because at the moment, the teaching hospital is not legislated (Ochoa, 2006). Within the existing literature about the educational attention the sick child, are constant references to the necessary coordination between the various institutions through which it passes to provide good educational activity. In recent times, however, due in part to changes that have occurred in the treatment of disease, not sick people, the need for Coordination has become doubly essential. So now, rather than speaking of a period of hospitalization, we speak of a treatment period, characterized by continuous inputs and outputs of the hospital, for the periods of convalescence at home and the possibility of going to school reference when the physical conditions permit. All this means that not only the school's hospital work with the sick child, but the school of origin must accept the challenge of accommodating the student ill when in treatment, and the family home has to open as an educational space offering relationship everyday environment as a context of schooling in what we are calling home care.

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