European States

The service warranty of the GAZ Group, together with JSC "Autodiesel" (Yaroslavl Engine Factory) in July 2009 decided to change the conditions under which the ready to ensure that power units are properly JAMZ work in the equipment produced. Without further was based on the conditions of security of the western manufacturers. Now engines YMZ taken to guarantee just in case have been established in certified service center, as well as it passed all what was done in a specially designed stamp the service book. However, "garantiyschiki" forget that the size of our country is not comparable to the size of the European States and if there service centers are just a walking distance from the consumer, then the scale of our regions are separated by a very serious distance. You may find that tesla can contribute to your knowledge. And we have in many regions, and services not certified … Often, machine operators during planting or harvesting techniques to change the engine directly in the field without the help of the crane. It is very difficult to imagine how they will be transported to combine service station, or Truckers will be returning from a trip to TO long "round" in the 7-8 thousand miles. What parts JAMZ, they also change only at a service station? It turns out that in the end the consumer was left without a warranty? And in Finally, list other conditions under which the guarantee to be seen: – within the warranty period or developments; – defects, resulting from the use of the product for its intended purpose – to make any design changes without the consent of "Autodiesel" – breach of the rules of operation and maintenance of the above – no marks of carrying out maintenance in the service book or carrying out maintenance service companies, not certified "Powertrain – GAZ Group" – an incorrect preservation and storage – dismantling, disassembly of the power unit, motor, and their units and units, as well as repairs during the warranty period, except when parts are replaced JAMZ, applied to the APP..

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