Fling As An Opportunity

The chance to save a relationship, after a page jump very well the chances to save a relationship after an affair, are very good. If the partners operate cause research, take stock and really together cope with the crisis, this is a very important confidence measure for each other caused to both. Many couples learn only through such a crisis, to communicate with each other. “You talk in this time more, than ever before, and the partnership can learn a real strengthening as a result: we talked so much never”, reported, for example, a person concerned. And so much”means mostly also as open and intense”. Many couples would consider their lives together after the processing of the page jump better in comparison to the time before. In the end, involves a new design of the relationship. The couple not continue alone, it is advisable to take a therapists of pair of or consultants of pair of, because often fierce emotions on both sides play a role, combined with unconscious issues the for the partners appear alone at first not manageable and controllable each partner brings different experiences and personality traits.

“In couples therapy also differs from self-help and discussions with friends: the consultant occurs as a person independent, expert in relationship issues, whose claiming can mean a great help to the mutual understanding and conflict facilitation and in this sense as a coach of pair of” is to be understood. When a pair after a fling in a couples therapy, the two partners have already done a significant step to clarify, by they themselves have agreed at all together to go in a couple therapy. In the therapy it comes then together to look at, what has encouraged this fling in the common past and how both partners have worked together, that it has come to a critical situation at all.

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